Kawasaki D-Tracker Tires for sale

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  1. I have a front and back tire for sale off my 250 D-Tracker they only have 800 K's on them make me an offer and their yours. I will be back in Chiang Mai in two days.
    This is how they looked the day I switched them out.
  2. Sorry I'm not interested in the tires but would like to know what you replaced them with and how those rubbers are fairing?
  3. I'll second KZ's request. I had a hell of a time finding alternatives when I was looking to replace my D-Tracker tires.
  4. He mentions in the ‘What bike are you actually riding' thread that he has Pirelli tires; pretty sure they look like the MT 60.

    Wonder what size was used for the front tire? Looks fat, but in a good way.

    Front: MT60
    100/90-19M/CTL 57H MT60F
    90/90-19M/C 52P MT60F
    90/90-19M/C 52T MT60F
    90/90-21M/C 54T MT60F
    90/90-21M/C 54S(A) MT60F
    90/90-21M/CTL 54H MT60F

    Rear: MT60
    110/80-18M/C 58T MT60
    120/80-18M/CTL 62T MT60
    130/80-17M/C 65S MT60 *
    130/80-17M/CTL 65H MT60
    140/80-17M/CTL 69H MT60
    110/90-17M/C 60P MT60
    120/90-17M/C 64S MT60
    120/90-17M/C 64T MT60
  5. I had MT60s on my XR650L and was very happy with them, lots of fun drifting out of turns - on the street. Too bad they don't make them for 17" rims!
  6. I have been on a standard D Tracker for about a year and don't expect to 'modify' the bike in any way. So, don't need new tyres as yet but if the price was right I'd keep them till I did. What price are you looking for?
  7. Hi everyone, sorry for the delay, the tires are available but unfortunatly I won't be back till the spring and I am unable to get hold of them now they are in storage.

    Just got my chip from my camera back this week so will be posting about my trip to Laos with lots of pics.
  8. Eddie, had my bike serviced last week and when I went to collect an eagle-eyed customer saw a nail head in my rear tyre. The mechanic pulled out an inch long nail but it was angled down the tyre wall and I was told mai pen rai. I would feel far safer with a replacement. When are you back? Steve.
  9. I've not had the tyre off but Kawasaki C. Mai tell me these are tubeless and other people have suggested that too. Seeing quite a thick long piece of metal extracted had me totally convinced the tyre would deflate. But not yet. I just don't want it happening half way to Mae Sai at 110kph!
  10. It is interesting misinformation Steve, I inquired about Pirelli MT 60's like EdtheTraveler had installed and the Kawaker dealer said they had no tube in stock to fit.

    Also have had flats in both tires, and a quick melt on patch fixed the D-Trackers right tubes up. I wasn't as lucky with the nails as you.

    Before moving ran tube less mountain bike tires for several years, consisted of: a tight latex rim seal, screwed on nipple, and slime inside the rubber. Worked fantastic and could handle a whole season riding with no flats. Is there an affordable and reliable system for spoked motorcycles wheels, like the bead lock systems available for motocross?
  11. Steve I be back around May already promised the tires to another when I get back.
  12. the d tracker runs tube type tyres,the rims are spoked and are not sealed for a tubeless fitment,.
  13. Thanks for all the imput which has at least made me think more before I believe what I'm told. Another visit to Kawa Chiang Mai and a talk with the correct person revealed what's been said here, there are tubes and its a simple matter of patch or replace the tube. Of course, if I'd put the brain into gear before opening mouth, it was obvious as explained by Capt. Slash. To be fair to the shop if you ask the wrong person you can't expect the right answer and the 250 Ninja does have tubeless which maybe causes some confusion with the staff. I now travel to Mae Sai in confidence.
  14. The staff should not confuse tubeless tires for mags of a sportbike with tubed ones for a spoke-wheeled dirt bike - then again, TIT! They keep you on your toes... :)

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