Kawasaki ZX6R for sale in Thailand?!

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by KZ, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Just had a look at the Kawaski booklet at a friend's place who picked it up in Phuket town. To my surprise it featured the Ninja ZX6R next to the ZX10R - yes, the 4 cylinder sportsbike, not the 650 Ninja twin, which was pictured on the next pages. It also showed the little KLX140L.
    I asked my daughter to call the shop in thai and ask for a price, she got the answer it's 285,000 THB for the ZX6R. I'd expect its price to be higher than the Er6F, the 650 twin. Maybe there's some confusion and they told her the price for the twin?

    I double checked the booklet and it said 2010 on the cover.

    Is it common knowledge that the ZX6R is for sale here in TH?
  2. Must be some confusion here, this bike is not made in Thailand and its price would have to be over 400K. I believe the ZX10 is available to order, but price well over 600K, again not made in Thailand. The 140 is available here, Ian has taken delivery of 3 at the X-Centre.
  3. I don't believe it myself, any new model is anticipated well in advance (like the Versys) and I would have read about it somewhere, probably here!

    But fact is that the 2010 Kawasaki booklet shows the ZX6R next to the ZX10R; 599cc, four cylinders, oval muffler and all.

    Why would they put a photo and specs in the booklet if it's not for sale?

    Other bikes featured are the usual 650 twins, the two 900cc cruisers, the KLX, Tracker and Ninja 250, the 125cc KLX and Tracker, the KSR 110 plus a 110cc small dirt bike and the KLX140L - all bikes that are for sale here.

    The booklets should be the same in Chiang Mai, maybe someone could check with that dealership. I'll call Kawa Phuket tomorrow and scan the page of the booklet.

    If it's not raining - today was the worst day in half a year I've been here!
  4. Might be the result of wanting to introduce the ZX-6R. but then not actually doing it.

    The ZX-6R was once rumored to be coming for sure. Then it got pulled. What we do know is that it's not made in Thailand, from which we can conclude that the phone call pricing information you got was the result of a misunderstanding. Maybe they get 100 calls for the Versys every day.
    We also know it wasn't part of the 2010 line-up. The new Kawas coming out now are all 2011 models. ZX-6R is not sold in Thailand as of now.
  5. I guess you nailed it. Interesting that a model gets pulled at the very last moment when the catalogs are printed and distributed already...

    The 600 Yamaha is selling; the ZX6R would, too, at a lower price.

    But Kawasaki's edge is assembling bikes here and offering them for a very attractive price.

    Hero Honda sells millions of bikes in India between 100 and 150cc. Kawasaki should concentrate on small affordable bikes, especially 250cc for 150,000 baht.
    It's great to have the KLX, the Tracker and the Ninja, but they're Enduro, supermoto and sportsbike. The Ninja has a powerful, proven engine which would be great in a standard bike with an upright seat position and room for two. Something like the VTR250 which sells in Japan like crazy. A friend of mine is looking for a 250 but doesn't like any of them; he likes the ER6n but it's too big. He said he'd buy a 250 version of it - not a bad idea, a "ER2n"...

    Assemble it here and people will buy it for 150,000. Same goes for a 250 scooter, but there's hardly a decent 125, only the PCX.

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