Kawasaki zx6r service and repair in Thailand

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  1. I have just bought a 2006 Kawasaki ZX6r
    i have no idea about the up keep on bikes , I am a relative new bee to bikes in Thailand
    I buy with my heart , and know that this bike can cause open wallet surgery
    Tony has helped with my KLX which has been a bit of an eye opener , and cost a few bob to get right
    i was convinced the KLX was a good one but I was proved wrong that a low mileage machine is only as good as the mech that has worked on it
    My ZX636 has only 3600 Klms on it and on paper looks right
    i would like to know where to take this bike for an overhaul and to make me feel good with my purchase
    i will take any problems I have inherited on the chin , but I would like to know where you guys would put this bike for a service and general check over
    My Versys is ok in Udon Thani, is this IMPORT sport biker safe there?
    sorry I am in Isaan but I would move my bike to anywhere in Northern Thailand for the right mechanic
    i know it's hard but what is this bike worth in Thailand?
    i have already bought it , but I would value you opinions
    Thanks Guys
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  3. Hey Jim,

    I'm just around 20km down the road from you and have owned and worked on many bikes for many, many years. I would be happy to take a quick look and let you know what I think of it and what if anything you need to do. Let me know. Brian
  4. Most of the low mileage bikes I bought had no problems at all. Someone really would have to mess things up, like draining the oil and not replacing the right amount or riding with a damaged radiator and overheat the bike but that was never the case. No mech should have worked on a low mileage bike besides changing the oil, and as long as there are no leaks things should be fine.
    As long as there are no problems now I wouldn't worry, if it's a low-mileage bike there shouldn't be anything wrong with it.
    Just ride it and enjoy it!
  5. Hay Brian I have rang the number you have sent me a couple of times
    i have to go to get the bike reg changed to Isaan in the morning and I will Try to call again
    thanks man I feel ok about the purchase I just want it right
  6. Thanks Harry , Brian, and KZ25
    i have had the bike a week now and used it on a few runs it seems ok , but as I said before I rode my KLX for 8 months and didn't know the bike was dangerous, Tony has been fantastic but he is in BKK
    i will definitely go to see Brian to give it the once over
    i have to say it's an eye opener to see the damage a local "mechanic " can do to a relatively low mileage bike, which I believe was an easy adjustment to the suspension set up
    once again thanks
  7. get your self a haynes or clymer manual ,, simple jobs such as checking brakes , tyres ,changing oil and filters ,chain etc you can do yourself ,, You will soon learn a lot the bike is a good design ... have fun ask for help from us if you need advice ,,
  8. ^ +1!!

    If you want it done right, do it yourself!

    With the service manual for your bike and some decent tools you'll be able to do all regular service items yourself.

    The Ninja 636 is a solid, proven and reliable machine.

    Assuming the bike is in good shape (no ugly surprises like your KLX!) and you maintain it well, you really should not expect to have to do any major repairs any time soon. Just stick to the regularly scheduled maintenance and she should give you many tens of thousands of trouble free miles!


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