KLX 250 Fuel Tank Range Test

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  1. There has been some talk here about the fuel range of the KLX 250.
    So I thought I would test the range on my bike. I stopped by a PTT station and put a few lieters of 91 in a old water bottle bungied it to the back of my bike and set out to run the bike out of gas.
    Here are my results,this tank of gas was run on a mix of dirt roads,single track and some highway.
    The fuel light started to flash at 177 k
    I rode 83 k on reserve for a total of 260 k.
    After running the bike dry I laid the bike on its right side to see if there was any hidden gas.I tryied to start the bike,nope.Again I tried it on the left side,tried to start it,nothing.
    I did this test a few years ago on my KLR 650 and got about 10 more miles.
    Ok, now I add the gas from the waterbottle and off to find a gas station.
    At the gas station I notice that in total (gas from water bottle and from the station) the bike takes 7.5 L.
    That works out to 34.6 K/L or 81 MPG.
    Thats a little on my low range but this tank was over half on dirt.
    Anyway, The big news to me was the 83 K on reserve.
  2. Hell that's some Mileage out of a KLX! You must have been riding very conservatively? My Fuel Light normally comes on around 120kms or not long after? 260kms is an incredible Total. I did run over 200 kms total once in Laos but would be pushing to get that in Thailand the way I ride.
  3. wow, that's some good fuel ecomony you got there!! I get 110km to light coming on riding like an old lady. Riding my mutated fire breathing D-Tracker like a hooligan for a whole tank.......my worst or best result depending how you look at it was 84km (gulp).

    Great test & information BTW
  4. Yea, I do tend to have a light hand. I realy just did this test for piece of mind when the fuel light comes on.Its nice to know you have a large reserve.
  5. Great test! Thanks for posting the results.
    I definitely need a bigger tank for my KLX350!
    Seems there are some options for carb'd KLX's (IMS and Acerbis) but not much (or anything?) yet for the fuel injected KLX250?
  6. Why not just carry a SIGG or MSR type 1litre Fuel Bottle as a reserve. you'd probably not use it but it will give peace of mind and negate the need for a bigger Tank
  7. I haven't tested it yet but believe I'll only get about 100km range on the KLX350 I just purchased. Bill Blue 350cc Big Bore kit + pumper carb should make her pretty thirsty so definitely think I'll need a bigger tank and/or extra fuel.
  8. How does it ride? Lots of low down and mid range power compared to stock? Apparently the new CRF is going to be 147KG! So I am thinking of a KLX again and I would be quite interested in doing the same mods as your new one has. Either that or the Freeride, but at 450,000thb.......gulp
  9. I only rode it around Chiang Mai so far, but wow, with the Bill Blue 351 Big Bore kit and pumper carb it's a whole different animal from a regular KLX250. I believe the front sprocket is 1 or 2 teeth down from stock as well. Front wheel comes up easily in first and second and with a little bounce she'll pull up even in 3rd. I'm going to go get some D-Tracker wheels with a supercorsa up front and a slippery IRC in the back so I can tear around Bangkok and the Bangkok Racing Circuit on this beastie :D

    It LOOKS pretty much stock but when you fire her up your ears tell you right away that this is no ordinary KLX250 :take-that:

    Let the Good Times ROLL! :happy2:

  10. That sounds about right. I was riding around the Boolevan Plateau through the trails and along the roads.. Not doing any more than 80, average was 40 to 60.. managed to get around 200km with no fuel light coming.. Must have been close to coming on.. made it half way to the border and filled up.. When you open her up on the highway.. glug glug glug, gone.

    The fuel light usually comes on with about 2 litres of petrol left in the tank.. i.e 5.5 litres and she is full again.

    This was before I changed the ECU to the API ECU.. Comparing my mileage with Rex's on the last trip.. I was using on average 1 litre more petrol than Rex each fill up.
    Another time in northern Laos the fuel light came on and we were a long way away from anything.. took it very conservatively, managed to do at least 40+ km, turning the engine off and rolling down the mountains.. Got to Vieng Thong.. Filled her up and still had over a litre of petrol to my surprise..

  11. Congratulations on your almost unique KLX351 with a pumper carby in Thailand .......where on earth did you get your hands on that?? There will be a lot of jealous people in Thailand, including myself on your acquisition!! An IMS tank should be the icing on the cake & give you an extra 60-70km range.

    I agree with you about the noise Tony, they're is a lot of D-Trackers with loud pipes blasting around Phuket but my 330 with the extra CC & more fuel burning has a very different sound to it! My Q4 pipe with Megabomb header is quieter than the two brothers exhaust most are using but the sound is subtly deeper & more of a growler.....:)

  12. I was only worried once.. Now I know the range of the tank and if you don't have too heavy a hand.. You don't need an extra fuel.
    Unless you are not planning on passing any civilization at all for 200+ km.. If in doubt.. stop for fuel even if you don't really need it..
    Those Honda waves have less range than you do.. so more chance of finding fuel along most routes if you see bikes around.

  13. thank you for your information :happy4:

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