KLX 250 radiator hose broke damn chickens!

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by rexnong, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Ok basically hit a stray chicken pretty much flat out !
    Thought i got away with it but next day started up the bike and coolant is dripping from the small radiator hose
    Question is my Kwak centre says they need to order the hose and wont be able to get one till around christmas/new year
    The Mechanic told me i would be able to fit a different hose on this from any car auto store just take the hose ?
    Also i will probably drain the coolant is there only a specific grade or type as my kwak centre dosent stock the correct coolant?
    Thanks for any help dont want to be without a bike especially as the in-laws will be staying soon !
  2. Did you eat the chicken? ;)

    Any automotive grade radiator hose will work and you can use any coolant that meets or exceeds the specs shown in the owners manual.

    You can buy aftermarket radiator hose for KLX on Dtrackerthailand.com

    Ride on!!

  3. Just about all Honda dealers sell a "Honda" brand premix coolant (should work in a Kawa!) in light blue bottles, it is specifically for motorcycles, comes in 1 liter bottles. If you drain all the coolant remember to top it up after you run the motor to get it hot, then the thermostat opens and may need some more fluid.

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