Koh Kho Khao - Paradise Island in Phang Nga Province

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    You know what they say:

    "Call some place paradise and kiss it goodbye"

    I sure hope that won't be the case with Koh Kho Khao, an island 130km north of Phuket.

    I live in Phuket but in order to truly enjoy beaches and relax with my family far away from rowdy crowds, Khao Lak and Koh Kho Khao are the two obvious nearby choices.

    This was my third trip to Koh Kho Khao island. Usually I bring some of my European rider friends for lunch and leave in afternoon. This time I decided to spend 3 nights and switch-off completely.

    To get there, use Hwy 4 and ride towards village of Ban Nam Khem. This small fishing village lost more than half of its population of some 5,000 people when the tsunami struck in 2004. Out of approximately 1500 houses, only 49 remained. There is a small memorial park commemorating this disastrous event.


    Just east of the memorial park is ferry pier to the island itself. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the island, price THB 100 covers motorcycle me and the passenger.




    While on ferry might as well indulge into some Asian Roti Pancake.

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  2. Koh Kho Khao is a fairly large island characterized mostly by flat, grassy sand flats towards its center and a sprawling area of mangroves and canals to the east. There are also some rubber plantations and cashew nut plantations. Beautiful beaches fringe the western and northern coasts.

    Very good road runs the entire north south length of the island. In addition to the lovely peaceful beaches, some kayaking expeditions are offered in the canals, and there are bird watching tours in the north. There is also an elephant camp near the shore, and an old WW II airstrip to the north.

    The people on the island are very friendly and live a simple life. There is a basic health care center, school and the Buddhist Temple. Visitors can explore the island by motorcycle. There are a few small agents which can provide mini sightseeing tours.

    During the 14th - 15th Buddhist century, Kho Khao island was well known. Traders traveled by junk from Arabian countries, and made a stop over here because the island's geography made it a good shelter against any adverse weather in the monsoon season.

    According to history, in the year 2448 BE, during King Rama V reign, the city of Koh Kho Khao was set up. Other administrative changes took place in the years 2456 BE and 2509 BE. There was apparently a governor called Mr Kho Khao King, and the island was also called king island. Amphoe King Koh Kho Khao is in the north east of the island. There is archive data on the affairs of Koh Kho Khao and the king island district court in 2509 BE. In those days the administrative area covered 932 sq km and included the island of Phra Thong.

    Here pictured Hula Beach




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    Number of resorts are popping up on the island, some of them are quite expensive villa style accommodations with prices ranging from THB 9,000 to THB 42,000 per night! Quite luxurious but defeats the whole purpose of enjoying the natural appeal of the island....I rather stay at bamboo bungalow right at the deserted powdery golden sand beach....but hey, that's just me.

    My favorite place is Hapla Cottage Resort.

    Owners are husband and wife, Sai and Nong who built the place 7 years ago. Resort consists of 8 cottages. No A/C, TV or fridge though....hot water and wi-fi available. Price THB 1,500 per night, reservations can be done at booking.com .


  4. Closer to the beach is lovely bar and restaurant. Fresh seafood is order of the day....every day.




  5. Each time I came here, never counted more than 10 people....and this is in high season because Resort is closed from June to mid October due to severe monsoon weather conditions. So relaxing....









    Glorious sunset at Hula Beach

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  6. Following day walked down the beach....as far as you can see, about 5-6 km left or right, me and my wife were the only folks around.




    Except this exotic fella who came out of nowhere


    and to cap it up all, another beautiful sunset


    This concludes my report, hope it convinces you to check this place out.

    Best regards, Goran.
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  7. Wow.. That is a lovely island indeed.

    That cockatoo is a long way from home.

    They fly around wild south of Brisbane and eat from the bird feeders my friend has in the back garden.


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  8. Gem of a tip off there Goran. That place really does seem a biker's delight to hang out at & relax.

    Thanks for writing it up.
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  9. Spent a night at Hapla Beach last week. Lovely Thai couple that own the place. Totally deserted beach. Spotlessly clean room. No loud music and annoying crowds. Walked up the beach at night and the sky was incredible as there are no other lights around. Well worth the effort to get there.

    Thanks for posting it Goran. I think you were getting off the ferry as we were waiting to get on (Feb 29th)?
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  10. Yes we were there again on 29th. You should have said hi, always nice to meet fellow GT-Rider members.

    Here few more photos from latest trip.



  11. Coordinates related to POI's mentioned in this topic:

    Ban Nam Kem Tsunami Memorial: 8.85882, 98.26495
    Mainland Ferry Pier to Koh Kho Khao: 8.86557, 98.27386
    Ban Thung Tuk Ancient City: 8.89406, 98.28093
    Hapla Beach Cottage: 8.93330, 98.25904
  12. Not far from phuket and not far from khao sok (where i start always :D). I good place for a daytrip or some relax-days.
    Try the road from takua pa to phanom, a wunderful mountain-landscape!

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