Koh Tao Trip (November 2014)

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  1. Well as you all probably know, Koh Tao has been at receiving end of some really bad press lately and rightly so if I may add.
    Nevertheless, I have been delaying my visit to the island for number of years and figured now is the right time to check. Why? Because of beefed-up (supposedly) security due to series of unfortunate events that shook this place recently.

    Sunday November 9th, me, wife and Khun Viboon, our Thai friend from Phuket left our beloved island around 2pm.
    We took scenic route via Khao Lak, Takuapa and Ranong. Since ferry from Chumphon to Koh Tao doesn't leave before 11pm we took our sweet time and stopped at many places to relax and refresh.


    Around 9pm we arrive to this spot:

    KO JAROEN Overnight Ferry to Koh Tao from Chumphon.
    Ferry leaves 11pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Arrival by 5am. Price THB 500 per bike and THB 400 per passenger/rider.
    10.45273, 99.21570 (DECIMAL)



    Wife took care of ferry tickets while me and Viboon took an opportunity to take a shower at cabins right next to the sales counter. Good idea, don't think I've seen anything like that before at ferry terminals, even towels provided.


    This is the actual ferry, looks more like cargo ship



    Ferry ride takes about 5-6 hours depending on weather so nice clean sleeping cabins provided for passengers.



    Just before 5am we docked to ghostly looking pier and disembarked. Still dark, our resort most likely isn't even open yet so we took refuge at nearby 7-11 for morning coffee.


    Little while longer and we checked in at Palm Leaf Resort.



    Bungalow right by the beach, "soljaboy" enjoying the view


    Lovely beach and crystal clear waters




  2. Nice to get some reports from the souther Goran..

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  3. Early evening and enjoying bottle of fine Glenfiddich 18


    Missus loves it here, me on other hand very happy to collect score points for the future :shh:




    Just realized....I don't have a single pic of myself during this trip :wtf:
    Btw Koh Tao sunsets are legendary....enjoy



  4. The island is well known for scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as hiking and rock climbing. It is increasingly popular especially with the mid-20s backpacker crowd in search of relatively inexpensive scuba diving certification. At night Sairee Beach where we were staying turns into party central.



    There are quite a few cozy bars and restaurants right at the beach



    Following day we took short trip to nearby Nangyuan island....beautiful spot but....

    Locals manning the entrance gate simply don't deserve to be there. No manners, rude and abrupt, never smile. You can tell they have been shipped right out of the jungle or padi field into major tourist spot. I think they should go at least thru basic courtesy training before getting in contact with guests from all over the world.





    It was a nice 3-4 days trip after all. Would I come again? I don't think so. The entire Koh Tao island radiates strange uncomfortable vibe, especially at night. Locals are quite unfriendly and you would be surprised how many loser farangs with bad colonial attitudes work in resorts too. At night, scores of drunkards making nuisance of themselves at the beach while local gangsters observe them opportunistically. Hotels and resorts are grossly overpriced, staff is another story. For every Thai on the island there are 10 Burmese. But they are not usual humble and shy Burmese you used to see: these guys are quite lazy and show-offs especially with younger farang guests. Waiter addressing them as "yo man wazz up" "yeah **** that shit" etc.....I was shocked but I guess farangs brought upon themselves for behaving like unleashed livestock. However, they do not dare to speak to Thais in this manner. My Thai friend at one point got so agitated by poor service and raised his voice significantly telling them to knock it off and to remember this is his [email protected]#$%&* country. After that they turned into pussies and improved attitude dramatically.

    This concludes my report, thanks for reading and commenting.
  5. Very interesting and food for thought, thanks for the information.
    Safe riding
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  6. Very useful report, thanks Goran.
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