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  1. Took a ride from Korat to Khao Yai, headed out through Pak Thong Chai, up through Wang Nam Kieo and then across following the road to where it comes out just before the entrance to the park. Headed down to Pakchong and started back up the Mitrappap into Korat but took a bit of a detour at Sung Noen to get off the main road and back into Korat.


    The road that cuts across from the 304 to the entrance of Khao Yai is really nice, pretty winding with a lot of nice scenery, usually the surface is pretty good but I noticed this time there are quite a few areas with wash outs from the recent heavy rains. Still, a nice route and hardly any traffic at all which always makes for a nice ride.





    I keep meaning to stop more often and take some better pictures but usually get to into the riding, always have good plans for the"next time.... cheers
  2. Yeah that's always a bit of a problem - do you ride or stop & take photo. I usuall decide before I go if it is going to be a riding trip or potter around taking happy snaps. Generally the riding comes first, then I often think I've not got any good photos to show what the roads & scenery are like to show other riders, so make an effort to go slower & get photos next trip.
    I think that the photos are important to attract new riders. Newcomers really appreciate them because they can see what the roads & places are like. For some of us guys who live here long time perhaps it is not so important to get photos - been there done that - but they are invaluable
    for other riders who have not been there.

    Thanks for the contribution from Korat / Esarn. Keep contributing & I am sure you will get more guys riding & posting from out there.
  3. Good reports Kev. Like the photos as well.

    David said it best and we all do the same; arriving at destination and thinking Damn should have taken a few more snaps.

    For me it's just a good excuse to get out and do it again!
  4. Peter

    I KNOW what ya mean by that... :wink: :wink:
  5. Hi Kev,
    Thanks for your report, I like that road into Khao Yai as well, as you said only a little traffic, a big contrast with the busy roads within the park.
    I am up in Khon Kaen so if you fancy meeting up in between sometime we could plan a day ride together.
    I could not help noticing your signature,:
    Kev - YZFR1, XR650R, ER6n
    Is that your current collection, or a progression of bikes, thats without mentioning the GS? Cheers, John
  6. This be Mac, the 4-wheeler, with appropriate apologies....

    I was out to Sakeo, the wife's vill area, Monday, spent the night at the River Resort Hotel there, opposite the MAKRO at the east end of town. Good place, baht 650 a night including the breakfast and FREE WiFi. They have one PC in the lobby but I had my netbook with me so easier and faster.

    Yesterday morn, departed, turned right at Kabin Buri, 55 km turned left on Hwy 3052 and headed west to the gate at Khao Yai Park.

    Really nice Thai upland agriculture drive, an hour plus. Sure saw some fancy private houses and lots of resorts on the initial 20 km and the final heading into the KY area.

  7. John,
    Cheers for the offer to meet up for a run sometime, I quite often head up past Khon Kaen heading up Nong Kai way, next time I'm doing the trip I will drop you a line.
    The bikes are what I have at the moment, the GS is a recent addition to the quiver and I got to say the more I ride it the more I love it, it runs really well and handles great, apart from a couple of small things I'm well pleased with it. Cheers, Kev
  8. very nice F800GS . . .

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