Looking for a scan copy of the Laos Temporary import paper.

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone have a copy of the Laos Temporary import paper. I am looking for a scan copy of the said document. I have a bike that was shipped into Laos as a 250cc but in fact it's a 1200cc. I am hoping that I can ride in Laos and if the police stop me, I can show them the Temporary import paper.
    Hoping someone can help me out.

    Greatly appreciated.

  2. In all honesty it is very unlikely the Police will stop you in the first place.. Myself and my friends have never been stopped by the Police on any of our trips.

    Also very unlikely they would even know what they are looking at.

    As long as you have all the correct paper work when the bike went in.. Expect that to be enough.

    Never once have the Lao side inspected my bike when leaving.. They asked where it is if they couldn't see it - Parked off to the side in Vientiane crossing back in to Thailand..
    Never walked over and checked it.

    One Versys trip with Tony and Rob.. They gave us the wrong paper work at the begining which we didn't realise at the time.
    If I remember correctly I had Rob's FZ1 paper work and was on the Versys.. No problem getting out.
    Rob didn't realise.. I did as I was waiting and waiting in the queue and read the paper work.. (Rob had crossed a couple of hours earlier)

    They just need the correct bits of paper and see you are taking a foreign bike out.

    Wouldn't worry at all.

    Just thinking. If you have a scanned copy of someone else's paperwork and modified. You may get yourself in hot water.
    Now you just have a 'simple' mistake that was made by the Authorities. If you pass off other documents, modified.. If not fraudulent, it must be very close.

    Enjoy your trip and don't worry.

  3. Thanks for the info Brian. I am planning to do a Northern Laos tour with my brother when I get back to Laos.
    Did you ever get stop by the police in Vientiane? If you did, what documents did you show them?



  4. Hi,

    Never stopped..

    All you need is the documents you were given when bringing the bike in and Lao bike insurance.

    You will be fine.

    My experience with Lao cops is..

    Big smiles, thumbs up and watch you go past.

    You will be fine.


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