Looking for Triumph t100 Bonneville Black!

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  1. Looking to buy Triumph t100 Black Bonneville in good condition from years 2010 upwards. Thank you.
  2. Triumph have just reduced the prices of some models substantially, the T100 is now 460k, so a new one is probably as cheap or cheaper than a used one.
  3. You are absolutely correct! However, because of this price drop everyone and their grandmother just booked one...therefore the queue is 600 people long on some models. Earliest is delivery for August if booked today.
  4. Absolutely correct! However the queue is 600 people long on some models and the delivery time is August at the earliest! Life is too short to wait in a queue.
  5. I am waiting for 300K used ones!!!
  6. 555, me too, exactly the same / same but I think we will have to wait until end of this year but good luck to you Robert.
    Sorry can't share the Thai sites that will have them listed, but once I find mine I will let you know....ain't life grand 555.
    Who would of thought a few years ago this situation would ever come too Thailand.
  7. They must have a crappy factory if they cant deliver 600 bikes in 2 months:( that's only 10 a day. Funny thing is i haven't seen one triumph on the road in the last year.
  8. Saw my first last night, a Thruxton :p
  9. Its not a T100 but my 2010 black Bonnie SE with extras including Arrow 2/2 exhausts will be for sale very shortly - only because I will unfortunately be leaving Thailand this year, otherwise she'd be mine for ever. PM me if you're interested.
  10. It's not a T100 but my Black 2010 Bonnie SE will be for sale very shortly as I am unfortunately leaving Thailand :-(
    PM me if you are interested.
  11. Thank you everyone. I found one in Loei, 2013 model with 5k kms on the clock just two days after this thread was started. The good, about the Bonnie, is that it is highly modifiable, classic feel and look, all around nice to ride. The bad, jerky response at low rpms, crappy shocks, bad fork springs, awkward ignition key positioning, crappy factory parts( clutch cable housing bracket, big black heavy ears for headlight, heavy pea shooter mufflers), feeble sound from exhaust. So I am in the process of taking off the Air intake system, change the exhaust system, block off o2 sensors and installing an Airbox eliminator, as well as many other parts. All parts have been ordered from US, England and France and to the satisfaction of the Thai Customs department, my wallet is being financially raped everytime. I am sure that in due time( when I will have moved on to another bike!) some clever local young minds will have come up with locally produced aftermarket parts for the Triumphs' at a fraction of the cost...if not, someone should, they would make a killing! To anyone interested in buying one, just know that you will want to change things on this bike, so be prepared to shell out more cash.

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