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  1. Hi ,
    I am looking to buy a good Honda bike, middle to big cc, for touring (mainly) with little off road acceptability (rare) in Asia.

    My preferred choices would be:
    Honda Varadero 1000 V Abs model 2003 or later
    Honda Transalp XL 700 Abs model 2007 or later if any in Thailand
    Honda NTV 650 or 700 Deauville model 2002 or later
    Honda CBF 1000 fairing, Abs
    Honda CB1300 Fairing & Abs Model 2005 or later

    From this list my two preferred choices would be Varadero and CB1300

    Genuine green book mandatory (I mean not a fake/grey one)
    If somebody can help or point me to the one i am looking for ...
    I live in Phuket but can come to see the bike anywhere in Thailand if the price to quality ratio is attractive enough to my eyes.
  2. Bon soir Phillipe, just look at my answer in this post, there's one Varadero on sale at Red Baron Bkk, rego & plat included. Here in Los you have no choice like in the EU or the US so better consider other options as Honda has nothing here for big bikes at all; no service, no spares................
    BMW is also an option but pricey and most of their agents (except Bkk Motorcycle) after sales service is known to be very poor, website is never updated to actual.......(F800R, S1000......) (http://www.bmw.co.th/th/en/index_narrow ... rview.html)
    Good luck in finding a matching bike. Rgds, FR
  3. Another option would be to wait a few months to see if the rumours about the Kawasaki Versys being released here are true. If so then you get a fully legal, new bike with 2yr warranty for around 280,000-300,000 baht which ticks all the boxes.
  4. Tell us more, Philippe: what's your budget? You prefer a newer bike?

    The Varadero is thirsty = uses a lot of fuel. And when you think Transalp, why not an Africa Twin?

    Recently, I saw some Transalps, but those were 400 cc models. But it appears you want 700 cc or more.

    Kawasaki will sell the Versys version of their 650 cc Er6 twin, soon. There would be a brand new bike with warranty for under 300,000 Baht. But then, you might modify a naked Er6-n yourself.

    MOCYC and HD PLAYGROUND often list a selection of BMWs, too. Shop around.

    Ride on,

  5. Hi All,
    Thanks to all for yours answers and advices. Much appreciated

    Bonsoir Franz, Thank you for your link, I saw the Varadero at red Baron Site but out of my budget. And it seems that too few in Thailand, so better eliminate this model anyway.
    Same for Transalp 700, Deauville and the like.
    I am at the beginning of my search but I already realize according to what you said ,with others that I will have to change my mind and adapt to Thai market reality.
    I have planned to spend around 200,000 THB with a max of 300,000 THB for a recreational bike of 5-7 years old that would match my species
    - big and strong as i am 1m81 90Kg and like something serious and secure,
    - Touring for duo,
    - With best possible comfort and security,
    - Fully legal situation. I do not want any problem of any kind with Thai authorities inside the country or going out and in, or in case I want to re-sale.
    - Around 200 to max 300 KTHB.

    Maybe my budget for this pleasure is too short and not consistent with my technical needs … Will see in the near future.
    If this is, either I will have to change the budget or abandon the project of buying the bike I would like to ride.

    I am still considering the CB 1300 Fairing and Abs 2005. Found some in my price range (200k to 300k), (seems to have a lot available here. The problem may be the green book. Will see !.

    I will now consider the BMW R 1100 GS that could also be a choice. But more expensive and I am worrying about big money for parts replacement to come quickly as theses bikes are older or with a lot more kilometres.

    May be I will end with a new PCX 125 cc !

    Thanks anyway for your inputs.

    Rgds, Philippe
  6. Thanks skybluestu for the new kawasaki Versys idea.
    Yes new with 2 years warranty is great.
    But I went to kawasaki shop last week to try the ER6 N/F wich is the littel sister.
    And i don't like it. To "light" for me.
    So exit Kawasaki er6 ans Versys
    Thanks anyway
  7. Hi Chris / hs0zfe,

    Thanks for the useful info on MOCYC and HD PLAYGROUND, a lot of time to spend here as there is a lot to read.
    I found on HD playground, that the BMW R 1110 GS could be also a possible choice for me.
    A little bit over my max budget, but my main concern would be the high mileage who could drive to the necessity for an expensive additional replacement of several parts and work to come quickly after buying. So not sure of this alternative.
    What do you think would be a better choice if everything else the same :
    - A CBS 1300 2007 with 16.000 Kms for 290,000 THB
    - Or a BMW 1100 GS with ??? Kms (probably highs numbers) for 300 to 330,000 THB

    What do you think ?

    I have eliminated already Varadero and Transalp.
    Africa Twin is very old machine, rough and not comfortable, not attractive to my eyes.
    Kawasaki 650 derived from ER6 do not fit my corpulence and desire for quality, power, comfort and security.
    So choice is getting very limited by now.
    Specially with the mix Legal green book/budget/CC 900-1300

    CB 1300 , 2005 or later seems the best choice for me at the moment matching my price range (providing that a legal green book is available)

    I stay open to any other idea.

    Rgds, Philippe
  8. Hi 2 wheels,
    Thanks a lot for your proposition.
    But, no need to bother anymore as I have eliminated Transalp from my short list.
    Thanks anyway for your kindness.
    Rgds, Philippe
  9. Bonsoir Philippe, when you are riding the mean streets in Se Asia, you should look for a lighter and comfortable bike, not a CB 1300. After the 1000th pot hole, such a heavy bike might turn out to be a bad choice.

    I am partial to the Africa Twin and think you being taller than me would find it a good trusted mule and a world class adventure bike, irrespective of its age. Excusez moi, why are you saying these things about her? I think the motor is mild mannered and the seat good for all day riding. *** When riders of other models swap tales of extensive repairs, Africa Twin riders often have little to say. Because their engines are often lasting 100.000 km and more!

    BMW parts are comparatively cheap in Europe. The weight will be much lower - a big plus, too. IMHO, the CB 1300 might have a wonderful engine but it is not the right bike for streets you share with chicken, sleeping dogs and cows. Weight does matter! A 650 cc single enduro might also work for you. (I like the 650 Honda, had different ones, one kick start only). Back to your Q, the BMW would be my choice even if the Honda is in pristine condition.

    Let's face it, you might be doing most of your biking in a relaxed way, at speeds of under 100 km/h. There will be many bends, pot holes and changing road surfaces. The weight of your bike will be crucial IMHO. Think about it and rent a lighter bike for a day, when you can.

    A friend keeps his Tiger Boxer 250 RS as 2nd bike, liking it very much. One of the things I discovered riding here in Thailand has been not to underestimate small bikes. A good rider on that old Cagiva design single can make you fight hard on a mountain road with you riding the CB 1300. (I was overtaken by a guy on a 690 cc KTM at incredible cornering speed - another light bike).

    Go out and ride what you got. Enjoy yourself! Come to Chiang Mai and discover other mountain provinces like Phetchabun Cordialement,
  10. Bonjour Chris,

    I understand your point very well.
    My last ride waw on a Honda Shadow 400cc that I've rented for 3 weeks from a shop just to have some fun in and around Phuket.
    I found it heavy for manipulation before starting but VERY pleasant and comfortable to ride with...
    Unfortunately I cannot imagine going for a touring of two weeks with this sort of bike May be I am wrong but the position is not good for my back for hours
    I absolutely dont need neither like to speed anyway.

    I respect the opinion of experimented people, and feel like pushed to follow your advice to abandon too big cc .

    It leave me with my desire for riding pleasure and not sure about what will give me that.

    Thanks anyway for your point.

    Bonne journée
  11. Hi All,
    Looking to buy a AFRICA TWIN in good condition with genuine green book ( RD07 orRD08 preferred but any other will be ok)
    After gone through my own learning curve, listen to some experienced fellows and try some rented bikes, I have finally make my choice for a totally different one that I was thinking of in July.
    I definitely want one that is comfortable enough for my 60 years old back and butt and able to bring me ANYWHERE I would like to go, even with my camping gear in wild nature or national park or for my two week touring plan in Laos in November.
    I have joined the HatYai bike Week for two days with my little lady that will share the same saddle from the bottom to the top of Laos, before going back to Thailand down from Chiang Mai on the way back to Phuket (if I can buy an Africa Twin in good condition before).
    We have continued for a 3,500 km trip visiting Malaysia and Singapore. I have stopped a few days in Singapore visiting M.Chan from M-Technik for a little chat about his own experience and recommendations about an all purpose and adventure bike .
    His personal Africa Twin with a lot of modifs/improvements is a beauty.
    After that visit, considering that my budget is not consistent with any of the last generation BMW model that could have been alternative choices to my eyes, my decision was clear in favor of AT.
    If it is good enough for him as an active rider After all the possible modifs/improvements he recommend and did for his own bike I am totally confident it will be also for me, as an everyday all purpose bike.
    Thank you to all that have helped me to get to that choice.
    Back to the beginning:
    Any help in finding one will be greatly appreciated and beers or other drinks rewarded.
    I have visited all the GT-Riders recommended shops in Singapore for equipment gear, and was very disappointed as they have not large choice for jackets, boots, gloves and so on. Only huge choices of Helmets were available. Nolan Helmet was proposed at much lower price that I saw in Thailand but I had already bought a Shark Helmet evolyne serie 2 from Panda Rider on internet.
    Any gear shops recommendations in Phuket and Bangkok for jackets, boot, gloves … ??

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