More Bike Scams

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  1. I Got this offer from a Chinese company ... 106068.vov

    The price is quite fair for a bike that costs approx 25.000 Euro ex factory……

  2. Hmmm, what's that old cliche? "If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is".

    Cavaet emptor as they say......


  3. :shock:

    Look, look, Marco!

    Where is Marco?..
    Maybe it is available in black colour... Much better than your previous "bargain" on the net, hey!

    Don't miss the deal of the century!

  4. Well well,, that could be taken in few ways,, but lets put in nice way,,,

    that said page is NOT advert in any thai selling or furum like what i encounters, i can find millions of Bike Scammers around the web if' i would be looking them... :wink:

    To be honest, there is NOT so many bike scammer adverds in Thai pages as they are cleaned swiftly, some how ever sneaking under the radar and person like me when im at work, and has not so much to do, can surfing online almost all time and i catch them as soon they post them.

    Luckily our company has blocked that page so i cant even see what is it...

    Btw?: Black is not my 1st choice of color, but will take it if nothing else is not in the market... :wink:

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