My Burma (Myanmar) Ride - March 2013

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  1. Wow this is like the twilight stayed in all the same hotels I've stayed in.

    Im Boutique Resort Mae Sot - check. That's an interesting one to choose from, few foreigners go there because it's not on the main road, not in the town centre either and in order to find it you have to be able to read Thai - the sign on the main highway that leads you to the hotel is only in Thai. It's got a big car park though so is a good choice for bikers/drivers going on caravan tours into Myanmar.

    Sane Le Tin Kyaikhtiyo Resort - check. Stayed there 3 weeks before you guys did in late February 2013. It's actually a hotel, restaurant and zoo all in one. Very interesting. It's easy to find because it's located right next to the main road between Thaton and Yangon, which you have to pass through if coming from Thailand.

    Aureum Hotel, Naypyidaw. Haven't stayed there yet but the travel agency that I am in contact with for my proposed tour by car into Myanmar has recommended it too.

    There are plenty of other good hotels in town though.
  2. Would a Ducati Multistrada be able to make it up the Dawna road after Mae Sot?
  3. Definitely. But Dawna Range is no longer in use, they built the proper road around it.
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    It took me almost 4 years to do this.
    Video documentary PART 1 of our Myanmar motorcycle Tour back in March 2013. Segment covers visits to Kyaiktiyo Golden Rock Pagoda, capital city Naypyidaw and ancient Bagan. Part 2 covering Pyay, Bago and Moulmein coming soon. Please select HD for better viewing.

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  5. Here is the part 2 covering Pyay, Bago and Mawlamyaing.

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  6. Another great info again.

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