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Discussion in 'New Members' started by Goran Phuket, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    friend told me about existance of this forum so here I am. I live down south in Phuket. Hope to have a chance to meet some of you soon.

    Here is my current "riding arsenal"


  2. Nice Bike Mate, At the Motorshow they had the New ZX10, 175kgs and 200HP and it felt really Small like a 600. Anyway Whats your Name? Hope to See you up here in Chiang Mai soon. Some of the Guys will be in Phuket for Bike Week but i will Give it a Miss ( I HATE Songkran no matter where it is!!! ) If you are back there you can catch up.
  3. Hi Goran

    There are a few of us residing down in Phuket with an array of bikes, but mainly dirt bikes, and an 1100GS

    if you look under Phuket section on GT site you can read about our exploits and even see some fotos of our 'handsome team'

    we meet (infrequently) for lunch, normally down by the Chalong Bay next to Jimmy's Lighthouse.

    drop us an email when you know when returning and we can meet up

    looking forward to getting another 'member' to our 'Phuket Chapter'
  4. Sure TJ, I think I know what restaurant you talking about.
  5. sweet machine Goran.
    i ride a ZX10R in chiang mai and go to the track days at bira. would be good to see you at either......

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