New Honda CBR150/250 for 2011

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  1. Just went to look at the new Honda CBR150 and have mixed feelings. Definitely a bigger-feeling bike than its carbureted predecessor. More fiberglass, slightly higher seat, bigger tires, dry weight 138kg. I like the slightly wider seat (esp for the Mrs sitting behind me) and the bigger tires (100/80-17 front, 130/70-17 rear), also like the analog tachometre and digital speedo with clock, fuel gague, trip metre and temp gague. Not sure I care for the more flambouyant styling and graphics. I'm used to thinking of the CBR150 as something you just throw your leg over and go. If you crash, you pick it up and keep going, but now it seems to have more of an amtitious look and feel, and laying it down would be more delicate and expensive. Available in red/black, red/white/black, and of course an all-black number. Cash pricetag 77,500b. Anyway here's some pictures...









  2. Thanks Captain_bob. :thumbup:
  3. Was down at Niyom Panich on Mahidol rd the other day as well,the new 250 Single CB250 will be released in January.
    Release price supposedly a tad over 100K bht.Will give the Ninja a run for its money at that price!
    Link on the new 250 here.
  4. Thanks for that link. Definitely tempted by the 250 but will wait to see it in the flesh. Still think the new styling is a bit pretentious as I prefer a simpler look and feel, but I'm not the 20 year old Thai boy market they probably have in mind =)
  5. The previous version of the little CBR looks more lean and mean? Tough choice.

  6. Some new pics of the 2011 CBR250R coming soon. Welcome competition with the 250 Ninja, ABS option as well.






  7. I love naked bikes - does anyone know if Honda plans a naked 250 cc single? Chris
  8. Yeah a 250 hornet would appeal to me a lot more than the sport styling.
  9. Just an update if anyone's interested. The 2011 CB150 is now back-ordered until next month (Feb 2011) due to popular demand and going for rock-bottom 79,000b cash price (sticker price now 82,000b up from 78,500 and 77,500b cash last November). The highly-promoted CB250 at 107,000b (ABS version might appear at around 120,000b) is attractive at the pricepoint but somehow just doesn't suit my current tastes. The black/red/grey (hate the grey bits) schemes are a bit questionable but newly on offer for rent at Tony's Big Bikes in Chiang Mai. I'm considering a new CB150 with some planned aftermarket mods and liking the smaller simpler bike in red/black. The "newfangled" clunky-looking "emission-friendly" exhaust is not exactly stylish but have to see what the aftermarket brings.
  10. I owned two Repsol 150s and was quite impressed with them, especially with the engine. What I wanted was better suspension, brakes, bigger tires and "a bit more meat" - at times it felt light like a mosquito. Seems like Honda has addressed these points, making a good bike better, but also more expensive. You get twice the cc for 30K more; that makes the 250 the biggest competitor to the 150!
    But I guess there are lots of Thais who are happy with 150cc and they make up the bigger part of the market.

    I believe that the CBR150R is in popular demand but for some reason I hardly see any around. I see more 250s than 150s.

    Also there are almost none on the used market - I've seen lots of low-mileage PCX 125 and several CBR 250 but no used 150 for sale yet.

    The few owners must be happy with them!
  11. I have an old style carb model CBR150 and I really like the bike. But I'm also smitten with the new CBR150 & 250s and trying to decide which model (used of course- I love a bargain :) )
  12. Well if you like a bargain, Billy, you'd buy my clean, low-mileage CBR150R for 50K! ;)
  13. Hi ya K! I think we exchanged mails through Bahtsold and yes, your bike looks cherry! But the 250 has me hooked and I'm headed to Sukhothai to look at a CBR250.

    I'm suprised you haven't sold yours though. Good luck!

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