newb here looking for details on being legit. (vietnam, laos, cambodia, thailand)

Discussion in 'New Members' started by reachjru, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. hello everyone.
    im jru, i am brand new to the site and i am finding great information and stories on the site and cannot wait to begin my journey!
    i am an experienced rider but am running into great confusion with all of the conflicting details that go into all of the proper registering and border crossings that my wife and i will confront and we definitely want to do this all legally to avoid big fines and deportation. we are currently in south korea waiting for traveling visas to come through.

    the plan. buy a honda xl 150 or similar bike in Hanoi, travel the length of vietnam, then cross into cambodia..
    from cambodia we hope to travel north into laos and if the heavens allow somehow putter on through into thailand.

    everyone with recent experience with these border crossings or sneaky rules that may conflict with a ticket free cost effective journey across s.e.a, please kindly pipe in...

    i dont know if this information helps but i have a korean heavy (250 and up) motorcycle licence that could easily be transferred to an international.. is this a futile chore?

    i am overwhelmed with conflicting details from know it alls who seem to have not done much on different sites and could use some genuine advice from some experienced cross continental riders.

    please and thank you!
  2. Your plans are similar to mine, did you find any useful info on taking a Vietnamese bike in/out of Laos and Cambodia?

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