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    Hi Guys,

    A mate and myself will be arriving in Bkk on the 12th,and will be up in CM on the 16th Feb.
    It is our intention to rent some bikes there and hopefully a bit of riding gear too,then head off and ride into Laos and back up to CM through Thailand.

    Now,while we are travelling around we wouldn't mind "doing a bit" to help less unfortunate people,like orphanages and the like.
    I am an electrician,and my mate Phil...well.....I have never met a better bush mechanic than him!
    His old man was quite well known,the Outback Postman,made famous in the 1950's movie The Back of Beyond.
    Phil was driving trucks through the desert since he was about 12 years old,and has a reputation of being able to fix just about anything mechanical.
    We have allowed about 10 days to ride through Laos and back to CM,so won't be able to spend too much time in one place.

    So,if anyone has any ideas or has contacts with any such places feel free to reply here or PM me.

    Safe riding.....

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