Off-roading Along Route 3091, Kanchanaburi

Discussion in 'Thailand Motorcycling Videos' started by Goran Phuket, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Terrific off-roading west of Srinakarin Lake towards Nearn Sawan Viewpoint, abandoned mine tunnels and Route 323, Kanchanaburi. Last 20km newly paved road featuring beautiful twisties across the mountain range.

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  2. A top vdo to highlight a top trip.
    What an experience this.
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  3. I went through this route after visiting Hua Mei Khamin Water Falls...on my MT07! Then went to Pilok. Enjoyed the twisties. =)

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  4. Your route is identical to ours. I am sure you agree it is one of the most scenic routes in Western Thailand.
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  5. Yes indeed. I did that route after reading your write up on it! =) Thanks!
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  6. Going to Pilok Mine next week. Is this the same place?
  7. If you referring to Somsak Mine in Pilok, it is nearby:

    Somsak Mine: 14.65488, 98.40413

    But I don't think you will make it in these weather conditions on AT unless you are very skillful off-roader.
  8. ^thanks

    I pressume this is the same place.

    Off road is my prefered style so I'll have a go at anything. Done places such as Khao Krajom in the rough. However, one friend has road tires on his AT and the other is trying to regain his confidence in riding again following 2 road accident within 6 months.

    I guess I'll warn them in advance incase we change plans.
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  9. And this is ride up to Somsak Mine, very difficult:

  10. Thanks for the info.

    Will give them a call.
  11. Brilliant stuff, Goran..... Bikes are for riding... wherever they can go!

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