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  1. G'day, doing a trip Malaysia to Cambodia, Laos and ret. On board Honda GW so bitumen for us where possible. Currently Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Entered Koh Kong so far roads good and uneventful. Hurried North from heavy rain S Thailand so missed floods. Sorry for locals. Watch out for police here in PP. They target foreigners for any traffic infringements. I am now $20 USD lighter after a foolish mistake....didnt look for police first before illegal u turn. Next week Siem Reap. See how it goes.

  2. Hello Mahili

    Sounds like a great trip. BIG bike you're riding.
    The police in PP are only a hassle if you stop. I've ridden there a few times and did as the local westerners do, just ride around them.
    They won't chase you but be careful if they are holding flags I got hit once by a pissed off copper.
    Good luck with your ride.

  3. mahili need any asistant in combodia pls get help from pp flying bikers shop.they will help u anythings as friendship support.
    pls no light in days....hv nice ride bro but it raining season
  4. Hi there dudes.....good to see everything going well and Red Bike doing the right thing by you.
    We'll have the vodka on ice ready for your return journey if you've got the time !!???

    Cheers Noel
  5. Thanks all for advice. Currently Siem Reap and doing the Angkor Wat tourist thing.....truly fantastic! Riding still uneventful providing you remember here "size has absolute right of way". The motorbike is way down the pecking order, somewhere near the stray dog or cockroach! The locals (appart from big vehicle drivers) are great, main highways so far OK for Goldwing but speeds for us have been averaging about half that for Thailand. In a few days we intend to head SE to Kratie then North into Laos. Keep it safe.
  6. Mike

    Was in Kratie last December. If you have a day or two, join in a tour for Mekong dolphins. Good road all the way to Dong Kralar - Nong Khien border.

  7. Yem,

    Thankyou will stay at Kratie for at least 1 day and will take your advice ref dolphins. Further North at the Camb/Laos border I think Lao visa can be issued there. Any thoughts please?


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