Pictures from the Kanchanaburi trip- Good times!

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  1. What a fun trip! BIG thanks to Franz for putting it all together and letting me join at the last minute.

    Here's Thursday's ride:


    I met up with the guys at a nice shady spot just past Prachin Buri on Route 319-


    Nice group of bikes- 2 Yamaha FJR 1300's, a Fazer 1000, a Ninja ZX12R, a Harley Davidson Heritage Classic and my little Ninja 250R.

    I usually cruise at about 100-120km/hr, but I had to up the pace to keep up with these guys! We cruised to Kanchanaburi averaging 120-140km/hr and made very good time.

    Only got a little lost once-


    John's GPS came in quite handy :D

    It was a HOT day and we rode about 330 km. Upon arrival in Kanchanaburi we checked into our rooms and met up on the deck of the River Kwai Resort from some much needed beverages! beerchug.gif

    Here's the view from the deck-


    Nice, huh?

    DAY TWO-

    Breakfast at the Jolly Frog (highly recommended!) and we set off to explore the beautiful winding Route 3199 that leads to Erawan Falls and Dam and Si Sawat-

    At the entrance to Erawan Falls and Dam


    Here are some pictures we took on top of the dam-


    Somebody is ready to RIDE! 8)

    What a view!

    On to the reservoir and lunch on the lake at the Heaven Lake Resort-


    I'd heard a rumor that these GT Rider guys like to eat... It's TRUE!!! :wink:

    Here's John showing us his special drinking technique-

    And here's my son showing John how it's done :wink:

    Peter introduced my son to the joys of splashing in puddles-


    That kept him occupied for a good part of the evening-

    DAY 3-

    Most of our group headed home on Saturday and those who remained decided to relax at the resort and have a couple of beers. A wise man told me that means 1 beer + 1 beer which makes 11 beers... :wink:

    Had to see some of the tourist sites-


    I wanted to ride some more so I set our for Sai Yok in the direction of the Three Pagodas Pass on Route 323-


    Happy Trails!
  2. Nice report and pix, TonyBKK.
    I thought more GT-er's were going on the trip?
    How did you manage to carry your child on that Ninja a saddlebag??
  3. Yep, nice one Tony. Glad you met up with some of the GT Riders. Thanks for contributing.
  4. Tony, no need to thank me, also Peter was busy with preparations and it only was a good trip because of all of us !!!!
    Well some nice pictures from me and more to follow (from Ed in his car) in another post later.
    Well with the weather we were not so lucky as on Thu 23. it was really hot, especially on the 329 between Hinkong-Saraburi and Suphanburi so we had to stop sometimes. The only bright and good day for riding was actually Friday where we went up to Srinakarin Dam and to Saiyoke Waterfalls.

    All bikes at the top of the dam:

    Upstream it looks like this:

    Downstream like this:

    And here's again some laughs with Peetaaaaaa:
    When elder men develop a belly it is quite difficult to put on the raingear, especially the trousers, so old man Dougal after trying twice dropped the rainpants to the ground and grumbled; f.......raintrousers, need a cigarette first, so then he leaned on the guardrail and had a smoke, did take longer for the trousers to find its bearer then............

    After visiting the dam we carried on over some hills and found a very nice restaurant on boats where we had some goodies of course, but still without beers, that was for the evening before and after the trip. Started to rain a bit, but waited it out and then went back to "Kan". well 4 guys left already on Saturday, which was the most wet day but Peter and me decided to stay on until Sunday and check the average temperature of the beer provided at my Hotel. The usual brunchdi accompanied us trough the whole rainy day. Next day it was back 400 & 450 kms to our homes. We did again use route 329:

    and had the usual stops (Petrol, Food, Dinner). Here's the 2 jolly old buggers at a smoke:

    While coming into Nakhon Nayok, we stopped again an met a big group of local bikers just coming back from a bikers party with Ad Carabao somewhere in Khao Yai. Lots of Harleys, other Choppers, some SR's, older Beemers and this, may I call it Thai Kwai Chopper:

    Amazing how the driver could sit on this thing for hours on end without tearing his arms of the body......Peter & me of course had a real laugh !!!

    All in all this was a very nice trip with all the guys involved, we were sorry that Craig-Esib missed this one because of job reasons and hope he & others will join on the next one (Khao Yai//Chantaburi). Ed had to go by car because he sold his heap of scrap (the one that needed pushing for a start up every time), Ngoh has his CB750 still at the mechanic well and some others couldn't join for personal reasons. Thanks to all that came with us, especially to TonyBKK and his lovely family. This guy likes to drive I can tell you, and don't expect him to be slower on his Ninja 250....we couldn't shake him off......... :lol:
    Cheers, Franz
  5. Hi guys

    nice post Franz and i wonder that thai guy as well,,how in earth he can drive like that,, but he must look like halloween guy with his arms up still after the ride has been ended,,,
    when is next Khao Yai tour?


    Rain gear would be mush more fun to put on if you would use 1piece set, atleast for other to watch,,,LOL..

  6. Bummer for me missing that trip I only arrived back in Pattaya from UK on seems you had a great time .
  7. Tony and Franz, thanks for the photos and more to come from Ed. Awesome views from the Dam and waiting for John to post as he went hiking for a good shot of the Dam wall.

    I see Franz is still ambushing us with candid camera photos. It was John's turn last time and now me. John we need to be a "Tag-Team" on this one.

    The roads were lovely, the weather forgiving, the company was great and the beers were in good supply and cold.
    Tony was incredible on his Ninja keeping up with us.

    The trip home on Sunday was at "Franz" speed!! I could'nt figure out what we were running from but I can tell you it never got close!
    And we went through that bike group like a whirlwind!

    Great trip and thanks to all.
  8. Marco, we plan to do some trip on the weekend 15. & 16.11. glad you want to join in !! Some of us might already leave on Friday 14. late afternoon.

    Jerry, gald to have you back, Hiko got lonely already and is missing your posts I think...... :oops: , whenever you're free give me a ring so we can meet somewhere.

    Peter, yesssssssssssss..........I like offence meant but what would we do without some fun ???? I not yet started with the shareholder thing......... :cry: .........Well let's see what you and John are coming up with, might have me look like: :oops: or :twisted: I wonder ??????

    Guys, great ride with great buddies !!!! Enjoyed it vely mut !!!! Franz
  9. Excellent post guys with some great pics and reading the text it sounds like you really enjoyed yourselves on and off the bikes!

    Now, the "kwai chopper" with those outrageous apehanglers - Amazing Thailand eh? :D


  10. Hi All, Sorry to be a bit slow to respond, just come back from a trip to Laos, visit the capital and get an annual visa run out of the way.

    Well as seen from existing posts and pics, Kanachaburi was a real fun trip, with some nice guys and of course Franz as well. Talking of Franz, something anyone who has met him will know, is that he is always smiling
    I wish he would tell me the secret
    As said we met up near Prachinburi, testimony to Franz's directions we all arrived at the same spot with no need for SMS etc
    First time I had met Tony, but had seen his posts and read how happy he was with his Ninja, He blended in very well with the group, on and off the road and added the things with the fun of his young family( who came in a car not in panniers)
    An easy and pleasant ride to Kanachaburi and checked in to either the River Kwai resort at 1600 Baht a night. with terrace on the river and view of the bridge and cosy parking. River frequented by fast longtail boats.
    Or into a nearby resort at one third the price, no pics and no comments on it from those who stayed, I think they were happy.
    Meeting at the Jolly Frog for breakfast showed that rooms in the area were available from 70Baht up (not joking).
    The days riding was great, lovely scenery, dodging the rain showers, the only negative for me was a lack of confidence in my front tyre,
    A flat area on the RHS worn right around. It seemed to have got a lot worse during the 650km I did on Thursday, and I was not happy on wet RH bends. I stopped off in Khorat with Sibsima Yamaha and again Khun Nui gave excellent service, he got the tyre in and changed and balanced it himself. Got all the right gear in Khorat. Felt much much better after that and will not let them wear down that much in future.
    Khun Thawee thinking about the trip up to the dam.
    Peter is thinking, I am not sure about what I think he was a pirate in a former life.
    So off up to the dam, a beautiful view of it on the way up, but could not really study, as watching the road, sometimes a dilemma in biking, enjoy riding the bends or enjoy the scenery.
    The power station and its pipes quite an impressive construction
    After the dam, down to the lake for food. Beautiful scenery, cool with the rain.

    Tony lucky guy, able to enjoy his biking and his family, for me it is usually a choice of one or the other. Peter here refusing to look as Tony threatens to give an impromptu swimming lesson.
    Howver on this ocassion we were all able to enjoy his family as other pics have already shown

    A safe solo trip to Khorat, Udon Thani on Saturday, and then back to KK on the Sunday. 2100 km covered and not one policemen encountered, but then it would not have been a problem because we never exceed 90kph!!!!
    Thanks to all and will look forward to the next one.
  11. Sorry swimming lesson picture missed out here it is

    And in case it was not clear, I changed the tyre on the way home, by then really quite bald on one side.
    Left the back tyre as only half worn, now Pirelli on the front and Bridgstone on the back. Seems to work great, probably against all the rules.
  12. John, being with all of you makes me always smile and laugh, you must understand, while working, there's no laughs and once coming home I always get sad as 1.) when opening the fridge, nothing interesting in there as beer has been depleted by someone I know as PD, 2.) looking into the bedroom, nothing interesting in there either, 3.) opening the purse, nothing in there you see it's only when we are together I'm smiling............ :p .
    Finally I've got some shots from Ed:

    ready to go at the PTT near Bowin

    and another traffic light on 331

    Policeman from the US or mafia I wonder

    meeting up with Tony and John

    pasttime activity 1

    all bikes on the Srinakarin Dam

    Hotel on the Srinakarin dam

    pasttime activity 2

    and John in a curve, taking it slowly with the worn tyre....

    Well and finally Ed with his dreambike :lol: :oops:

    Looking forward to the next trip with all and hopefully even more of you guys, cheers, Franz
  13. Thanks John.

    Great shots especially of the Dam.

    Glad you got your front tyre sorted and Franz and myself are thinking of getting up to Yamaha in Korat for the wheel balancing.

    Hope to see you in Khao Yai.
  14. What great pictures!

    John- I can't thank you enough for sending the wonderful pictures of my wife and son. I think you've just guaranteed me a "get out of jail free" pass from the missus :lol:

    Can't wait for the next ride! Khao Yai is a beautiful spot to ride with amazing roads and easy access. Just have to watch out for all the monkeys!

    Look forward to riding with all of you again soon! (Hopefully Ed will be on 2 wheels rather than 4 for the next ride!) :wink:

    Happy Trails,

    Tony and family 8)
  15. very fun on that trip must be arrange more trip again hihihi
  16. Cheers Eddie!

    Absolutely we must do it again! I will return to Thailand in late January and plan to ride ride ride!

    Hope to see you then.

    Warm regards,

    Tony and Nong and Little Mir

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