Pong Cho Doi Lo

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    Took the canal road south towards Sanpatong and then crossed it & headed towards Mae Wang.

    At Wat Nam Bo Tip, I checked out progress at the 4 standing buddhas and one of the monks showed me a stuppa I didn’t know existed a further 500 metres into the forest.

    On to Mae Wang & crossed over the 1013 and headed for Pong Cho Reservoir. Despite all the recent rains, it was lower than I would have expected.

    I continued along the 2052 until it’s end. At the end of the road, a soft sand bed river crossing and no definite track on the other side of the water. But what a beautiful feeling riding along through the tunnel of trees.

    So back to the reservoir & then a right onto the 5104 and followed this down to the 108.

    Left onto the main road and then right towards Doi Lo.

    After a delicious Barmee lueng nam roum I visited the temple at the top of the mountain, that I often look at from across the opposite side of the river on the 1156.

    Out the back of the temple the monks have a workshop. The have a heavy thumping machine decimating a chalky substance into powder and shaking the temple foundations in the process! There was plenty of red oxide and panel beating materials, so the monks keep themselves very busy.

    My next stop was to check out the 116 (Southern Chiang Mai by-pass) bridge & still no traffic can use it & it looked just the same as when I saw it 6 months ago.

    My homeward trip followed the river up towards Chiang Mai, taking in some of the powerful water scenes along the way.


    You can see the gps map here ...
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    You got me
    • Wat Nam Bo Tip
    • Pong Cho Reservoir


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