Problem with Mapsource UnlockWizard

Hi guys,

After a bit of help here. I am new to GPS but not new to technology ;)

As I am off to Laos tomorrow with Happy Feet & Marcus, I have downloaded the Rotweiler maps for all of Thai and Laos and am trying to unlock them using Mapsource (version 6.13.7) and when I select "utilities/unlock maps" I get a message from Mapsource saying "Unable to start UnlockWizard. Please reinstall this program and try again"

Well, I've done that and run a registry cleaner between installs but to no effect. Anyone have any ideas? BTW, I don't think this influences things but I've registered both my unit and my Mapsource disc.

With thanks in advance,

Interesting! I don't have any locked maps, so never used it but when I try it on my v 6.13.6 it does the same thing. :shock: I do recall seeing an unlock-something program file some time ago, but it's not there.

Surely, this can't be a bug in two versions of MS? Is your MS installed somewhere other than C:program Files?



Mar 15, 2003
I have MS version 6.12 still installed on my computer and the unlock functions seem to be functional and we will probably try it on Jeff's maps when he gets back from Laos next week. We will let you know what happens.

Thanks for the advice guys. On one PC I backdated to version 6.12 courtesy of Bungy & Silverhawk and the unlock wizard worked fine. Then on another PC I just took the version 6.12 of the UnlockWizard and added it to the 6.13.7 install as it's just 2 files (an exe & a dll file) and that works too. So, seems like the 6.13.7 version comes without the Wizard. :(

If anyone else has this problem, I am happy to send the files or post them on some community download site.