Racing motocross in Thailand

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  1. Hi,
    can anybody help me to get in touch with some motocross and enduro clubs in Issan to get info about events and racing? Any help will be much appreciated

    Cheers Rigsy
  2. What part of Issan are you in?
    I sold my 2008 Yz250 to a Thai friend who races motocross in the Udon Thani area. He knows all the clubs and tracks around the Udon and Khon Kean area.
    I may be able to get the info from him for you if Udon is close for you.
  3. Rigsy, if I remember you are in Korat, I can suggest dropping in on one of the shops that deal with motocross as they will be able to provide some info. I had previously done the same when I wanted to go see a race and I was directed out the 205 road to Chaiyaphum one Sunday, in the middle of nowhere there was a track and a big event, few foreigners racing also, would never have found it otherwise. Check the following: if you go on to Suranarai Road from town side, heading towards the Dusit Princess hotel there is a meachanics shop on the left hand side, easy to spot as there are always a couple of YZF's sitting outside, ask in there as they will know the up and coming events. Hope you get some info. Cheers, Kev
  4. Hi Rigsby, Call my wife on 0868573453 I live in Udon and ride 3-5 days per week on MX bike, plenty of tracks in and around the Udon area with varying difficulty levels, mostly aimed at Supercross style but I have been to a couple of X country rides also Try - or Dirtshop Web Page for event info on upcoming events in the Isaan region. Just out of interest 11 tracks within 70kms of Udon Thani, some irrigated and 1 has night lights although it is privately owned and permission is required before it can be used. Most of the others are on land anyone can use as long as consideration is given and no costs are usually incurred. Dirt boys paradise.

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