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  1. UPDATE - sharing your photos, uploading them to GTR.

    To upload photos you first need to store them on your own photo gallery site.
    Photobucket seems to be the most popular freebie.
    Smugmug is a highly recommended pay site.

    Other people will have their own recommendations. Anyone who wants to recommend another photo gallery site is welcome to do so.

    Once you've got your photos uploaded to a gallery, basically all you have to do is insert the image, by inserting the URL for that particular photo.

    Upload your photo to a photo gallery
    Then click on the photo you want to upload , to get it to pop up.
    Once it has popped up, right click on it to get the URL / image location


    Then insert the image in your post.

    To do this first click on the insert image button above


    This will pop out another box for you to insert the photo URL

    Paste the image location / URL in the window in the pop up & click ok.
    And hey presto your image should show up in the thread.

  2. Bump yet again for the people who claim they cant upload photos.
    Yes you can upload them, but NOT direct onto GTR, you need to upload them to a photo gallery first.

    Why is it like this - because we have been hacked before by malicious people inserting code in images, that were uploaded directly onto GTR & subsequently caused massive server trouble in the USA & threats of permanent closure from US regulatory authorities.
    We don't want it to happen again.

    So to upload images you need to upload them to a separate photo gallery first, then insert a hyper link to the image.
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  4. enter the URL here with no spaces at the begining or end

    For example

    In Facebook on a Mac.. Go to the picture, click on the mouse pad with both fingers
    (Microsoft windows I guess right mouse click)

    Copy Image address

    Then at your forum post page

    enter the following at the front and back of the url, in this order
    <img src=""
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  19. With the new forum format you can now upload images direct onto GTR.

    Go here for info

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