Renting a FI KLX250 in Chiang Mai? August 2014

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  1. Does anyone know where I can rent a KLX250 (NOT a Honda CRF250) in Chiang Mai? I got here yesterday and went by many of the rental shops listed here and none had the KLX250; almost all had converted to the Honda CRF. There were 2 shops I found (I'm walking my around so getting my exercise!) with the D tracker but I want the off road size tires.

    Not necessarily relevant to my question, but the main reason I want to rent a KLX is I've never ridden the new FI model and I want to know what IT is like before I buy one. In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where I live I have the older body style which is about 10lbs lighter than the newer model, carbed, and has an inch more suspension travel, ground clearance and seat height.
    Mine is converted to 351cc Big Bore/pumper carb/pipe etc and has about 120,000 KM on the Bill Blue Big Bore kit; 200,000 KM total! (In the US I have the KLX300 converted to 351 with KX250 suspension). Though the engine is still going it has lots of issues as you would expect with 200K KM on a bike - key falls out, wires a mess;hard and brittle, shifts rough etc. I'm on the fence between buying a new one or trying to completely go thru the old one and make it like new.

    I recently rented a CFR250L in the Philippines and did 1,400 KM in a couple weeks. Not a bad bike but I do mostly off road and it doesn't compare with the older model KLX250 in that regard. On paper it has 2" less suspension travel/Ground clearance and is 40 lbs heavier. In real life it waseven worse off road than the numbers would lead me to believe. The new KLX250 on paper is in between the old KLX and the CRF; 1" less suspension travel/ground clearance/seat height than the old KLX (or 1" MORE than the CRF) and 12 lbs heavier than the old KLX (or 28 lbs lighter than the CRF.)

    Also if anyone is interested I asked the rental owners why the switched the KLX for the CRF and these seemed to be the most popular answers:

    CRF is cheaper here in Thailand then the KLX. (Not true for me in Malaysia - they are BOTH about 250K Baht!)

    Engine is smoother, more road friendly; good for renters. (I personally thought the KLX had the most beginner friendly engine I've ever ridden UNTIL I road the CRF and would it agree it is really predictable, smooth, beginner friendly. It reminds me of my KTM 690 on "soft power" - a special mapping that comes from the factory you can switch to in super slippery conditions.)

    Shorter - though worse off road I can see that being a better general rental bike.

    Tougher Fuel injection - This one I'm taking seriously. Tony at Tony's Big Bike rentals says the CRF can handle bad/dirty fuel better than the KLX could. (FWIW he puts some work into his bike to make them more off road worthy; spends 23,000 Baht a bike I think he said on suspension upgrades etc.)

    Of course for fun, I'd rather be riding a KTM EXC but right now, II want to rent a KLX 250 for the purpose of knowing how it compares to my older one.

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