Riding all the way to Thee Lor Su Waterfall?

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  1. I think I found the way how to get there on the bike. Details at end of this report.

    As you probably know, only 4WD are allowed up to the camping area near waterfall. Hired pick up truck and elderly "uncle" took me all the way up. But just about 1-2 km before reaching camp area there was a small intersection. I asked him where does this lead to and he said Baan Kota karen village. Apparently, even he, Umphang native never visited the village and asked me if I would be interested going up after we're done with waterfall. Agreed and about 11km later we arrived to beautiful remote village. No tourists in sight, not the single one! However village chief told us there were some backpackers month ago, slept here and went trekking further up into the mountains.

    Here few pics of Baan Kota and it's people....
    We arrived around noon in the middle of village party. Everybody happy, music, guys drunk like hell but all very friendly and curious.




    Local Arnold in bodybuilding pose :clap:


    These 2 fellas are the only non-Karen in the village. The one in undershirt married local Karen girl and opened mom & pop shop, the only one in village. Business is brisk, beer is best selling item, very enterprising. Says he drives 2-3 times daily up and down just for resupply because of lack of capital to stock up at once. The other dude is his best pal....visiting. They offered me home made sugar cane whiskey....oh boy....half a glass of that thing in this heat knocks your socks off.


    Village chief and "Arnold" invite me for overnight stay which I politely declined. But next time I am riding on my soljaboy here and will spend couple of night for sure. Will bring nice bottle of vissekee too :smile1:


    Kids really enjoying themselves



  2. On the way back I asked driver to try another road out of the village instead of going back towards park gates where we came from. And voila: no park rangers, no gates, no restrictions till we reached normal paved road: Route 1288. The coordinates indicate route we took back to Thee Lor Su Resort. Total of 78km. Just add another 10-11 km's further up north towards waterfall camp area. Road is much better than the one from park HQ and nobody's going to stop you. Surprised nobody tried yet but here is your chance. The only reason I haven't attempted this is because I went up to Umphang by car for family vacation.

    Baan Kota village exact location.
    Village: 15.86485, 98.78849 (15°51'53.5"N 98°47'18.6"E)
    Resort: 16.04673, 98.85223 (16°02'48.2"N 98°51'08.0"E)

    Google Map Route: http://goo.gl/TCQuAk

    Well there you go, enjoy.
  3. Wow! Thee Lo Su has been on my list and I was searching for info if it was doable 2up on a bike. This is wonderful info for me, I'll have to plan a trip soon. Thank you so much for the info :)
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  4. We are planning this ride 2nd week of February. I don't think it is doable 2up on bike.... :(
  5. My bad! Guess 4wd would be the option. Cant say about Feb right now, but would love to join. Thanks once again.
  6. Thanks Goran, very interesting. May have to check that out sometime.
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    Excited and impatient to see this waterfall, I decided to visit this waterfall with my family. We went by car and rented a 4wd to go uphill to the waterfall. Here is an aerial shot of the waterfall which was taken by my son with his toy drone.
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