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  1. Hello
    This is Sid from India.
    I am planning to explore Malaysian peninsular by motorcycle between 08 Oct 16 to 16 Oct 16. My flight is from Kuala Lumpur.
    Anyone interested to join me?
    I need some advice/ assistance on my trip.
    How easy is to rent motorcycle in Kuala Lumpur? Which are the reliable places where I can rent?
    Is it possible to parcel the motorcycle in train/bus?
    How is the weather in Malaysia during October?
    Can you suggest any route for my road trip?
    Eagerly waiting for your response.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I can't help too much, but I know around October there is a good chance you will see rain everyday, not the whole day, but maybe patches in the afternoon. If you don't see rain on one or two days, then consider yourself lucky.

    It was at this time that our whole city on the Malay border was 1-2m underwater.

    What bike are you after ? Maybe if you are a little more specific then someone may help you.
  3. Thanks for the reply..
    I am looking for a small bike 100-150cc.. I will be prepared for rain.. Is it is difficult to ride? Can you suggest any route? South of KL or north..
  4. Look at google maps and plan your route around the places you want to visit. You can see the major roads, they are all good, especially the E-W / coast to coast roads.

    I don't know if you will find such a small for rentl in MY. You can hire a bike in Penang, but I doubt they will do a long hire off the island.

    No, I find MY a very safe place to ride, hundreds of riders out every weekend, even in the week. I would say, the guys ride pretty fast, even the scooters, the roads are pretty fast - maybe you want to try something a bit bigger.
  5. Hi Sid
    If you are planning to ride from Ipoh as a base, let me know early as I may be able to sought out a bike 125 to 150cc from locals here (could be a bike shop or individual).
    Since you trip here is only 8 days arriving & departing KL you may need to consider at least 2 days travelling to & from KL -Ipoh.
    Hopefully I will be able to assist you as I may be away during that period.
    By the way are your ride on MHS video is very good.
  6. Any idea where to hire a bigger bike? what would the cost be of renting ?
  7. Glad you liked my MHS video. It would be great if you can manage a bike to rent for me, Iphoh is not that far from KL so I dont mind starting the trip from there. I will PM my contact details.
  8. I am giving below my road trip plan, I tried to select the route that is scenic and restricted myself to north part of Malaysia due to time restrictions. Please feel free to add any detours and give me any list of important point of interests that I should not missed. My starting point of the trip will depend of where I will be able to rent my motorcycle. The below plan is assuming Penang as my starting point

    Day 1.

    Penang - Gerik - Lenggong - Bota - Ipoh (329 KMs)

    Day 2.

    Ipoh - Cameron highlands - Gua Musang - Kula Berang (390 KMs)
    Day 3.

    Kuala Berang - Dungun - Marang - Kula Besut - Kota Bharu (314 KMs)

    Day 4.

    Kota Bharu - Baling - Tasik Pedu (344 KMs)

    Day 5.

    Tasik Pedu - Sintok - Kuala Perlis (ferry to ) Langkawi ( 132 KMs)

    Day 6

    Langkawi (ferry to) Kuala Perlis - Penang (158 KMs)

    I am still finding it difficult to find a Motorcycle rental. If anybody can give me contact of an Individual or Shop who can rent me a motorcycle (less than 250cc) for a week do let me know.
  9. Hi Sid .. I think you need a reshuffle.

    Don't do the E-W on the first day, ride the motorway from Penang to Cameron's on the first day.

    See the sites at Cameron's. Also depending on the day, the ride up can be a bit clogged.

    Then ride out towards Kota Bahru and ride the Highway from E-W to to the ferry to Langawi.

    You are going to Lankawi for a day ?

    Plan a little less and enjoy the ride.
  10. Point noted. I will skip the Kula Berang and go directly to Kota Bharu
  11. Hi Sid, don't forget to update us on this trip, Yes?

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