Royal Enfield coming to Thailand?


Dec 18, 2007
In todays Bangkok Post. Would be great if it happens.

Royal Enfield eyes Thailand
Published: 15/09/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: Business
Royal Enfield, the world's oldest motorcycle manufacturer, is looking for Thai firms to distribute its products throughout Southeast Asia.

Dr Venki has organised the Discovery Days in Thailand roadshow in Bangkok from Sept 14-17 in a bid to find local strategic business partners.
The company is also looking for firms to produce parts for both Royal Enfield and its Bullet bikes.
Headquartered in Chennai, Royal Enfield produces about 50,000 heritage British bikes each year for markets in 25 countries. The motorcycles retail at 85,000 to 204,000 baht in India and at varying prices in other markets.
Prices for imported fully built motorbikes remain high in Thailand and India thanks to both countries' steep duty, said chief executive Dr Venki Padmanabhan, who is in Bangkok to organise Discovery Days in Thailand on Sept 14-17 to seek strategic business partners.
Thailand was chosen for the four-day roadshow as many local suppliers are making high-quality parts for the world's best-known motorcycle brands, he said.
The roadshow features a range of fully built Bullet bikes, and all parts and components for the bikes, 95% of which are currently sourced from India.
"We hope to discover many business partners who are interested in growing their businesses by providing parts to Royal Enfield for 60,000 motorbikes expected for this year and 100,000 units over the next three years - and also those that make and sell motorcycle accessories that fit the brand and image of Royal Enfield," he said.
"This discovery will lead to an interest in establishing ... channels to bring this fabled motorcycle to Thai shores."


Aug 20, 2003
I think they'd be good for the Thai market, if not too expensive. In Europe or the US they couldn't keep up with the fast bikes and traffic, but here they'd fit right in. I've already eyed some old BSAs I've seen sitting around in different states of repair. A new, more or less reliable Enfield for 150,000THB or so would be tempting. Puttering Thailands highways in style with 100 km/h, listening to the sound of an old english longstroke engine...
I've read somewhere that Egli imported them to Switzerland and gave them a thorough make-over, making them more reliable with some more power; wonder if he still does that...


Oct 17, 2006
They sell 500-1000 a year in UK at about £4000 a time. they are excellent real oldtime retro bikes