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  1. just taken delivery of a new Vstrom sent up from Bkk

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    so got it delivered ,loaded small bag and GF at 4pm and run her up the 107 to Thaton, rained most of the way and was slippy as hell in the mountain range past chiang Dao .

    set off in the AM back on 107 and then pealed off onto the 1249 to doi ang Khan

    then back over the 1340 to arunothai

    1178 back to chiang Dao, then back down 107

    the bike performed great,now has 420k on clock,have to work out how to iliminate some of the turbulence coursed by the stock screen.


    great engine ,neutral handling ,comfy let's see how it goes
  2. Great bike. I had one for 2500 Kms up there late last year. Perfect for the area, 2 up, all our gear, plenty of power, economical, comfy, and looks good to boot.

    congratulations on your purchase :)
  3. Great to see you on a Vstrom too. It's an awesome bike for touring the region.

    Vtwin motor, low down torque, 19 inch front wheel - way better than a 17, but not as good as a 21 incher, economical on the fuel, smooth power delivery plus loads space for touring & carrying luggage - especially two-up.
  4. just added a small bash plate for the Vstrom


    fitted easy and very speedy service from ravetech


    Allan the boss was easy to deal with and they have some great stuff! So maybe some more bits on bike soon

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  5. Good to see you getting your bike set up.

    What / where did you get the top box from?
  6. As for the turbulence, get a Madstad bracket for your wind screen.
  7. Are you going to tart your bike up with some stickers or colour?

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