Share Your #1 Ride Photos In Thailand

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  1. As title says, I am sure you have favorite photos taken by you or someone taking picture of your riding adventure.

    Please post here, thanks.

  2. After a decade of meandering around, the volume of photos increases, and finding the memorable ones gets more difficult. Here are several that bring back fond memories...

    2008 - Highway 1148 - trip with David & Scotty - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Go To Nan


    2010 - The Big Dipper on the Phaya Phiyak Road - solo trip: 1155 / 1020: Phaya Piyak Road


    Phayao is one of my favourite places - a sunny afternoon in July 2010


    Evening on the Phayao waterfront - July 2010


    Umpang Trip with Ron & Kop Webb and my wife Fern - Rafting to Tee Lor Su Waterfall.

    - the opportunity to soak the legs in a hot spring beside the river was an unexpected surprise!
    - Teelorsu Waterfall - Umphang
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  3. They are all great but number 2 and 4 are simply amazing!
  4. I think the photo of the Phaya - Phiyak road was taken only a week or two after it had been reconstructed and sealed. What impressed me most was the degree of difficulty in handling heavy construction equipment on such a steep gradient. No margin for error there! :sweat:
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