Shoulder Injury From Riding

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  1. I've had a "bad shoulder" for the past 2 years, now diagnosed as rotator cuff injury.

    I realised i probably got this injury from riding my motorcycle (Kawasaki 250cc KLX) on a few long 350+ km rides over a few day holiday.

    Perhaps the constant and repetitive stress on my right shoulder from riding led to this injury? Does anyone else have a similar shoulder problem from from riding, and if so, how did you fix the problem. It is nagging and bothers me every time I ride for more than 15 minutes. I'd prefer not to give up riding, or have surgery.
  2. It is unlikely that simply taking a few long rides caused this injury. More likely you injured it elsewhere and riding just inflames the condition further. I had a crash several years ago, came down hard on my shoulder, and thought I had broken my collarbone. But luckily x-ray said "only" a sprained AC (Acromioclavicular) joint. But still hurt like hell and did so for weeks. Took several months of physical therapy to regain mobility and strength. Still clicks when I raise my arm but no pain anymore.

    How did they diagnose it? If you actually tore the tissues in there, you really have no choice but to have surgery as it will only get worse. Since it has been going on for 2 years suggests that is the case but only way to be sure is to get an MRI etc. If just a sprain or arthritis in there, you may want to get a cortisone injection into the joint. I have had them elsewhere and they work great for a several months, sometimes much longer. Just can't do them very often as they can break down the tendons if overdone. Try getting some NSAIDS (ibuprofen, naproxen etc.) and eat a few an hour before your ride. They really do work well but can mess with your stomach, so eat first. Of course, try the simple stuff first as that surgery is no joke. Best of luck with this.
  3. I have similar problem , i had a severe shoulder work related injury about 15 years ago which causes severe pain and problems with throttle hand ,, brake and clutch is no problem , I am considering putting a left hand throttle on my ducatis and swopping the brake to left bar and clutch to the right hand side , might just be a simple operation , sourcing a left handed throttle and swopping hydraulic hoses , but if also might require new Master cylinders for correct hydraulic action .
    I also use a throttle master sometimes as well as anti inflammatory drugs and support bandages .
  4. Garet how old are you? How long have you been riding altogether?

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  5. Actually, I didn't have an MRI, but the doctor said that the chronic nature of the injury means that I've likely strained or slightly torn tendons/ligaments in my shoulder. This has been a chronic problem for 2 years now. I can't recall any blow to the shoulder or fall which would cause injury, but I do remember it started after I rode about 3000 km in a one week stretch.

    Since my shoulder went bad, I definitely notice that the right/throttle arm receives more strain than the left brake arm. I don't know how to solve this problem other than to stop riding or get surgery.

    By the way, anyone ever get an MRI in Bangkok? How much was it?

    I'm only 42 so I don't think I can blame this on my age.
  6. I started getting arthritic symptoms in my 20's so it can happen at any age. Even kids get rheumatic disease. Inflammation is a bugger because it is a vicious cycle (pain/inflammation breeds more of the same and so on). So you have to break that cycle so things can reset. Oral anti-inflammatory meds are the first line of treatment and help but can only do so much. When it is chronic, you have to use bigger guns like the injectable steroids. Sometimes that is all that is needed to fix it for good. Look up a good orthopedic/sports medicine doc or rheumatologist and they should be able to fix you up.

    How about the ergos on the bike? Are they stock bars, seat, grips etc? Maybe some risers or other angle/height adjustment would help. Sometimes just small tweaks can make a big difference in comfort.
  7. Rotator cuffs often are a problem with 40+yr old men. Riding a lot can easily aggravate it.
    Look up rotator cuff exercises on the web, theres a couple of basic ones you need to do every day
    Any doctor should be able to tell if thats where the problem is.
    But if its a tear, it seems like only surgery will fix it
  8. In 2005 I had a spine MRI done at BKK Hospital in BKK. It was about $250 USD. Prices have gone up, but I would guess it to be somewhere in the 4-500 USD range now.

    I just had shoulder AC Joint surgery in BKK 3 weeks ago after crashing/going over the handlebars on a motorcross bike in Dubai. Type III AC joint injury (Severed Tendons), collarbone sticking up all deformed looking. Ortho Surgeon at Samitivej Sinakarin has done a wonderful job on it. Arthoscopic surgery (No big scars) to install a permanent anchor (Nylon cord) to pull the collarbone down, and give it strength. Rated at 90kg. Good for active and athletic people like myself. Surgery cost 10,300 USD.

    Just ran 7k yesterday, but need to becareful lifting anything heavy for another month or two.
  9. I am going to experiment and try using an ATV/Snowmobile thumb throttle and see if that helps , my main problem is the twist grip not brakes or clutch levers ,, ?????

    I have a damaged shoulder with torn ligament s that surgery could not cure but the main issue is that main radial nerve from neck to right hand sometimes shifts and gets trapped ,, my hand and arm wrist strength is unaffected but the wrist ,hand shoulder and elbow pain and disscomfort is aweful ,

    i recently had 18 pain free months but now the problem has returned with a vengance over the last 3 weeks, having treatment , again from chiropractor and physio as well as Anti inflammatory meds
  10. Yes, it looks like I have chronic inflamation, but not a full tear. Doctor says it's called "impingement Syndrome".

    Celebrex works good to reduce pain, but it's expensive and causes pain in the stomach. However taking the Celebrex with Prilosec and the stomach pain is gone. I can't imagine daily meds being a long term solution for inflamation of the rotator cuff. I hope there's another fix that doesn't involve surgery
  11. Celebrex is way overpriced and never worked that well for me anyway. Flurbiprofen/Ansaid is some great stuff if you can find it there. 50mg of that usually does the trick before a ride. Inexpensive too. You are right that taking these daily is not the best idea due to stomach and possible long-term use frying your kidneys. That's why you have to rotate through the cortisone shots/oral prednisone/NSAIDS vs. staying on one treatment continuously. Try the cortisone shot, it will help tremendously. Just make sure any doc that is going to do it does NOT use the method of combining the numbing medication with the steroid in the same shot. Some of them do that shit because they are lazy or cheap and it will send you through the roof. Kenalog is some pretty viscous stuff and it needs a fat needle. They should always numb you up first with a small needle, THEN go deep into the joint with the juice after a few minutes. Isn't getting old fun?
  12. So I guess that these medications are the only alternative to just dealing with the pain or having surgery. If there is any tear or damage, it won't go away without surgery, so I guess it's best to just make it more comfortable?

    How long will the cortisone shot last? Ahhhh needles!

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