Sightseeing Ride Through Old Town Chiang Khan

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  1. Goran Phuket

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    Video depicts sightseeing ride through 3km long main Chai Khong Rd which closes to traffic at 5pm. Relaxed and lovely town on Thai side of mighty Mekong River. Once an important crossing town into colonial Laos, Chiang Khan retains an old world feel and the main Chai Khong Road of the town, adjacent to the river, is lined with shops and teak wood hotels built in an Indochinese style. Things liven up on Chai Khong Road in the evenings when a popular night market is held, with the usual handicrafts, souvenirs and culinary specialties on display. To experience the best of the town, it’s worth booking a homestay, guesthouse or taking a room in one of the teak hotels overlooking the river; here you can enjoy a sundown drink while looking over into Lao PDR.

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  3. DavidFL

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    Nice one. It's really cool town just brimming with charm, that has disappeared from many other towns around the nation.
    Chiang Khan is an absolute gem.
  4. blackb15

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    Nice video I'm in Vietnham but back in 2 weeks and will ride up their I really like having a beer watching the Mekong.
    Safe riding

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