Suggestions for Hotels Pattaya Bike Week

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  1. Somthing around 1500 baht, or less with good beds (bad back troops ) Close to Jomtien beach?
  2. beds are either toooooo hard or tooo soft in theiland ...Ray there are so many to choose from...look on the net.

    what out for the gay hotels on Dongtan beach ....Jomtien has a lot of reasonable hotels 1500 should get something good.
  3. Thanks, you going?
  4. Ray. The Sawasdee chain have about 6 hotels in Pattaya. some are a bit Budget but ok. You can call and book or book on the website.

  5. Ray I have stayed with the family at the White House Jomtien.
    It was in the price range about a year ago, but they have refurbished it since. It is a very easy walk to the beach, if you can call jomtien a beach. Not my idea of a seaside holiday, but I guess thats not what your there for.
  6. Standard Room 2,400 ++

    They went up a bit :wink:
  7. Getting drunk in Pattaya and not being able to ride the 45 kms back home, I usually stayed in the:
    Cheap, 4 star, clean, convenient, enormous swimming pool, safe carpark, Wifi, Dutch Manager. It's on Pattaya North Road, has a pub upfront "Moonriver Pub".
    As now it's high season prices will be high but should come down soon.
    Cheers, Franz
  8. Found a place with a sea view for 1500 a night, not far from the event I'm a happy camper. We don't do a lot of these so it's a mini vacation for us and time to be spoiled a bit.
  9. when is 'bike week' ?
  10. cheers ray
    Davids' link to 'events calander' seem either to be out of date
    or just not there
    no problem
    thanks again
  11. Best laid plans of mica and men the back ha taken a turn for the worse again and I won't make it. Thanks far all the help guys sorry for the trouble.

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