The 2016 8th Annual Tj John Hamilton-simon Siinthai Grant Mhs Memorial Ride

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    The 8th annual GTR MHS Loop memorial ride will be held the 1st weekend of November 5-6 November.

    The TJ Hamilton / Simon Siinthai Grant Memorial ride started in 2009, & has been held every year since in honour of departed GTR riding mates.
    Originally proposed in 2008 by Simon in honour of his best friend Tropical John, but it took a few months before it finally came together.

    Simon’s idea started here:
    The TJ - John Hamilton Memorial Ride - The Mae Hong Son Loop

    Then just a few weeks before the inaugural ride, Simon was tragically killed in a hit & run accident in Phuket!
    Everyone was shocked & deeply saddened by this turn of events; but this then galvanized us to ensure that there was a memorial ride, now for both TJ & also Simon.

    The first event starts here:
    The TJ John Hamilton - Simon Siinthai Grant Memorial Ride
    & ever since that first one in 2009, the GTR MHS Loop Memorial Rides have continued.

    Journalist & travel writer Dan White was added in 2012
    Dan White RIP

    The 2015 Ride
    The Tj John Hamilton – Simon Siinthai Grant Memorial Ride # 7

    In 2016 we will be adding Tom Forde
    Rip Tom Forde

    Rough Outline
    Depart Chiang Mai on Saturday 5th November, ride to MHS & over night there, then return to Chiang Mai on Sunday 6th November.
    Departure point: the Kafe 9Am on Saturday 5th November 2016.

    The route should be the same way = it’s a tradition.
    Day 1:
    Chiang Mai – Chomthong – Doi Inthanon – Mae Chaem
    Mae Chaem – Mae Na Chon – Khun Yuam – Mae Hong Son
    Day 2: Mae Hong Son – Soppong – Pai – Chiang Mai.
    However this will be checked & reconfirmed a week beforehand.

    If you want to come, please book your own accommodation


    Mae Hong Son Accommodation

    1. Piya Guesthouse: 053 611260

    2. Palm House: 053 614022

    3. Rom Thai: Tel: 053 612437

    5. Ngam Tha:

    โรงแรมงามตา แม่ฮ่องสอน Ngamta Hotel Mae Hong Son | Facebook

    6. Sang Tong Huts

    Sang Tong Huts - Accomodation in Mae Hong Son :
    Help! Which hotel is best?

    Food & Drink in MHS

    Mae Hong Son Restaurants

    More info to come as the time approaches.
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  2. 2009


  3. From
    The Gt Rider Memorial Chedi

    we have approval from the abbot of Doi Kong Mou to build an official GTR Memorial Chedi at the very top of Doi Kong Mou
    The location for the GTR Memorial Chedi

    From 4 final chedi options we have opted for the top right, white & gold beauty

    The height will be 1.99 metres with a base of 1.2 metres, located on a 3 metre concrete pad.

    This years Memorial ride is on 5-6th November. Depart Chiang Mai on the 5th & return on the 6th.

    On the morning of the 6th their will be an official Buddhist merit making ceremony to inaugurate the GTR Memorial Chedi.
    We would certainly like as many riders as possible to attend this year's ride.

    The ashes of Dan White & Tom Forde will be placed in the chedi.
  4. David
    I'm back in Chaing Mai on 27 October I did the ride last year I really enjoyed it,and plan to join you again this year
    All the very best
    Safe riding
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    Could you please confirm the dates and time.
    Google mentions "Dada Kafe" and "Ginger&Kafe". Can you please advise?

    I am considering to ride northwards to join the event.
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  6. Hello Pensionist,
    Everything is Confirmed.
    Departure point: Chiang Mai at the Kafe 9am on Saturday 5th November 2016. The Kafe is on the inside of the Moat in town opposite Thapae Gate. A Google search shuld bring it up for You.
    Ride to MHS & over night there, then return to Chiang Mai on Sunday 6th November.
    The route should be the same way = it’s a tradition.
    Day 1:
    Chiang Mai – Chomthong – Doi Inthanon – Mae Chaem
    Mae Chaem – Mae Na Chon – Khun Yuam – Mae Hong Son
    Day 2: Mae Hong Son – Soppong – Pai – Chiang Mai.
    So all You have to do is arrange Your Accommodation!
  7. Well, as mentioned before I googled already, spelled "Kafe" as the only information I had google brings up "Dada Kafe" and "Ginger&Kafe".
    Sorry to ask as I am not familiar with CM.
    Insiders and locals might know.
  8. We are working on a souvenir GTR MHS Loop Memorial ride TShirt.
    For guys going your names will be printed on the back.
    They wont be free but it wont be expensive.
    We will need your sizes for when we print - more than likely after the event, as time is running out. But then again it may come together in time.
  9. Hi Mate.
    Click on this link. That will get you there. Kafe 1985. Google Maps
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  10. thank you very much for the link. I appreciate your help!
    adding the 1985 i could find it last night. the name is written in thai. thats why i had no chance to google it.
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    Part of this year's ride will be to move the ashes of Dan White to the new chedi.
    There will be a spirit ceremony on the afternoon of Saturday 5th November to take Dan's ashes from Wat Chong Kham after we arrive.
    Then on the Sunday morning 6th November the ashes of Dan + Tom Forde will be placed in the new GTR chedi. A merit making ceremony with monks will be held for this.
    As of 24th October the chedi work is underway.

  12. Room booked, looking forward to a nice ride
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  13. Counting down soon....progress is going well.

    A chedi (to be) with a view


    This will be a somewhat unique event & we would like as many riders as possible for this ride.

    All being well the local MHS TV channel will be present for the inauguration of the chedi & placement of 2 sets of ashes - Dan White & Tom Forde.
    Also present should be the local MHS MP + town sheriff, plus a few other dignitaries.
    The Buddhist ceremony on the Sunday morning will be a full on spiritual ceremony with 9 monks + blessings.
    Food & refreshments will be provided atop the hill at Doi Kong Mou after the ceremony.
    Departure for Chiang Mai (or just Pai for some) will be after the official ceremony & meal - 12.30PM at the earliest.

    We are looking for a photographer to cover the ceremony in MHS.

    Departure time from Chiang Mai maybe moved forward to 8.30AM to ensure we are in MHS in time for the ceremony to remove Dan Whit'es ashes from Wat Chong Klang.
    This will be done late Saturday afternoon, once we arrive.

    George at the Sunflower will arrange a buffet meal for the Saturday night, once we know how many riders & we can get a subsequent costing.
  14. count me in
    looking forward to meet you guys
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    An update from Mae Hong Son.
    The ceremony to remove Dan White's ashes from the ground at Wat Chong Klang is now scheduled for 7AM Sunday 6th November.
    A couple of hours later the ceremony will start at Wat Doi Kong Mou up on the hill.

    We have a respected "master of ceremonies" organizing these events for us according to old MHS traditions & wish to make sure everything is done correctly with considerable respect.

    We are extremely lucky that the abbot of Wat Doi Kong Mou - the head of the Buddhist clergy in MHS Province - has granted us permission to construct a "farang stupa/ chedi" on Doi Kong Mou & wish to make sure we act respectfully & conduct a nice ceremony that is appreciated by everyone.
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  16. For those Who are interested after the MHS event there is a Group of Us staying Sunday 6th of November in Pai. An Australian friend is opening a Bar / Restaurant there so We will give Him some support. Head back to Chiang Mai on Monday the 7th! Anyone Welcome if You would like to join in!
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    The current list of riders who have indicated they are going
    1. David Unk & Khary
    2. Tim
    3. Veronica
    4. Liam & Nom
    5. Rex
    6. Ian Bungy
    7. Brian BKk
    8. Paul Owen
    9. Patrick Henry
    10. Russ
    11. Bill Casey
    12. Tessa Carter
    13. Adrian Carter
    14. Esther Maldanado
    15. Mark Stephenson
    16. Les
    17. Con
    18. Pensionist
    19. Oddvar
    20. Captain Wally
    21. Richard
    22. Youngie
    23. Marcus & Ray
    24. JC
    25. Hoghead
    26. Grubman
    27. Pikey
    28. Mark Haywood

    We have a back up vehicle for the outward journey to MHS.

    Anyone else?

    TShirts we are still working on, but we need to know riders sizes
    The cost will be no more than 450 baht a TShirt.
  18. OK. So You are still looking for a Pickup to Follow in case of Breakdowns? So if anyone has a Big Tray Pickup that will take a Bike and is willing to Follow the Group around the loop please let David know?
  19. OK Update. Con has agreed to Be the Back up Vehicle. Thanks Mate.
  20. For people who have generously offered to to assist with costs of building the chedi & conducting the ceremonies at the two Wats please pay in Mae Hong Son.
    You may contribute whatever amount you want; (with 5,000 baht the maximum.)
    Any surplus funds will be donated to Wat Doi Kong Mou for the upkeep of the chedi, plus appreciation of their very kind permission for us to build the GTR chedi on top of the hill.
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    A small batch of TShirts will be printed in the next few days.
    At the moment the sizes are
    15 x XXL
    10 x XL
    2 x M
    2 x S

    The XXL size that the fat (100kg) guy like me wears is a nice loose fit.
    I tried an XL & it is a tad tight.
    If anyone wants one please let me know - especially a size not listed above.
    The price = 450 baht each.

    The T-Shirts are grey with black screen printing.

    GR rider tshirt.
  22. If you are still looking for a photographer, I would be more than happy to volunteer.
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  23. If you can do 3xl - let me know,

    Otherwise I'll grab 2 x XXL.


  24. Hi guys
    Put me down as a starter. I will be in Chiang Mai this coming Friday.
    Look forward to the ride.
    If possible can I order a fat bastard 4xl shirt.
  25. Thanks Bill.
    For me the important part is photographing & recording the 2 ceremonies + the chedi inauguration, because I think this is a very special occasion & something a bit unique, farang bikers organizing their own chedi at an important temple in the North.
    There will be a lot of people with cameras, snapping away, but if we have a good pro-semi / pro photographer to help out is cool. Please do.
    We have another guy whom Ive not yet met, who has offered his services as a photographer to photograph the event in Mae Hong Son & he will be meeting us in MHS I believe.

    Dan White whose ashes are in the ground at Wat Chong Klang will be amused, because he was a professional photographer & worked on numerous photographic guide books to Thailand.

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