Ubon riders

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  1. Have some time at home in Ubon.
    Anybody keen to show me around ?

  2. Hi Moose65,

    There are a couple of Forum sites for Udon: Udonmap and ThaiLifeForums which includes a bike forum.
    They have a couple of biker groups and often organise rides, details of which I can't help you with. Check out the forums and you'll get the contacts you need.
  3. What Dougal says is true, but it's a long way from UBON, there is a large group of Harley riders in UBON, called Eastern Star. They have a clubhouse and bike sales and workshop. They are Thai guys, but some are good in English. Good luck with finding someone to ride with. I will probably be in Udon beginning of August, for the candle festival. Maybe we could meet up then
  4. thanks for that .
    and it is UBON.

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