Ural Gear Up 2WD to be Sold in Thailand.

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  1. The Ural Gear Up 2WD Sidecar will be avalible for Sale in Thailand very soon. The Guy Responsible also holds the Victory, Indian and ZERO Engineering Motorcycle Dealerships in Thailand so Certainly has the Money, Connections and Backing! He already has one here that He uses! I will be interested in seeing the Prices of them once they are here. Pretty Cool:

    A few Pictures of His New Gear Up 2WD here in Thailand:




    Amazing the Range and Selection of Different Bikes becoming available here in Thailand. What a Change over a few Years!!!
  2. Sooooooooooo slow and a Wave would eat it alive
  3. Good news eh - more new interesting models coming all the time.
  4. Pretty Cool though Hoghead! The One thing I don't like is the Sidecar is on the Wrong side!!!
  5. I guess they are new from the factory?

    I have seen the Chinese version CJ750 in Shanghai and the refurbished/modified bikes which farang buy there. Very, very nice !

    Have a look at Big Bills Bikes at CJ750.Net, his place is in Beijing.

    Bill can provide Left or Right sidecar version, you lose the use of the kickstart on a LH bucket. But you still have to pay import tax etc to bring in and not sure if second-hand/used frames are allowed any more?

    I looked at bring one in last year but the costs totalled up to a decent newish big bike, so stopped.

  6. I was going to retell how a mate had a new one wheel drive version in the 70's and what poor quality it was - paint fell off like leaves in autumn - it came with all tools to rebuild it inc piston ring compressor and apparently they are no better now if report on ADV rider is anything to go by but then I remembered - its Russian - enough said.
  7. Our friends at Siam Enduro Club hauled one of these Ural w/ sidecars into the jungle recently-

    Apparently they had to haul it out too... :oops:
  8. Ha Ha, Hell I wouldn't be so Brave to take something that Big on an Enduro Ride! Looks like the Guy is fixing the Gear Lever of something?
  9. Don't compare the newer Urals to the infamous piles of bull faeces Chiang Jiang (CJ750's). Firstly legal CJ750 for a foreigner in China, near on impossible to obtain. Lots of BS told though. Those outfits are notorious heaps of junk. A German mate and neighbour here in China (where I have resided/worked for the last 13 yrs) has a 27HP outfit in the army green. I have a key to it and have ridden it from time to time. Junk is most apt description IMHO. Look nice all classic styling etc, but that's as far as it goes. I had a Dragstar 1100 classic, now that would have made a better platform for an outfit if one was so inclined over a CJ750, dependable, reliable, simple.
  10. Ural outfits s are great machines , popular in UK several of my mates have them ... but the new price in the UK has now become stupid £12,000 it was only £5000 4 years ago,,,,

    the chinese model is a copy of a copy ,, it can be made to work well I know some Singaporeans who have them but it needs much love .
  11. They oughta get some advice from certain German retirees

  12. In Australia a few years ago, stopped at a popular lookout south of Sydney and this guy pulled up on a vintage BMW with boxer engine with sidecar that he had imported from China.

    Told me some story about Japs/Germans/Chinese having blueprints after WW2 and making copies of the BM for sale in China.

    Looked REALLY cool I gotta say.

    Does anyone know the history and how the blueprints ended up in Chinese hands?

    I'm sure it would be an interesting story.
  13. Well those Chang Jiang 750 (CJ750) are copies of Russian outfits which themselves were copies of BMW back in the day. The CJ750 come in either a 27HP or 32HP engine. The CJ750's are very unreliable, and one needs to carry a good assortment of tools on any ride, as those tools will be needed for certain. Foreigners here in PRC get pretty much ripped off and lied to, as the bikes cannot be legally plated to a foreigners' name, but many of the stealerships that deal in the model will BS to the contrary. The plating issue is related to the status of these outfits, being that they were categorised for military and public security status.

    I have riding mates here who have ridden them in PRC when there weren't too many other choices 15-20 years ago. An odd few of them still do, and those that have migrated to other machines, don't look back with any fondness or nostalgia at the CJ750. I have a friend who is a neighbour who has an old 27HP in military green that I have a key to, and ride round the compound from time to time. I had another friend of a friend buy a fully restored CJ750, cost him about RMB35K, he rode it from Shanghai down to Ningbo, took him a whole day to ride the 450km. He parks it outside a pub and we are admiring it, - it didn't take long for a puddle of petrol and oil mix to form on the tarseal under the bike.

    The CJ750 might look the part, but if you were to buy one, you not only get to look like you are riding a bike from a classic era, but you'd get to experience the wrenching that goes with it. YMMV.

    Today there are a better alternative for a Chinese made bike for China, the Jialing JH600 which comes in either a 2 or 3 wheeler configuration. Way better technology and dependable. Not that I'd own one outside of China mind.

    Everything in China is just for looking, beAware the smoke and mirrors, for nothing is at it seems.
  14. Actually the Russians had several factories making the BMW copy , Ural is the most famous in the west and also Dneiper was sold in Europe back in the 70s ,The chinese got plans from the russians in the 1950s and there are several variants but most are inferior to the Russian ones especially bearings and electrics .
    The Export urals were the best as they were modified by the UK and German importers with better electronics ,tyres , brake shoes etc and also the developments was actually used by the russians to improve their manufacturing

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