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  1. I am finally getting around to making my maiden ride to Laos on my CBR250. Today I went to the Chiang Mai DLT (Rubber Tree Road) and applied for the infamous Vehicale Registration Certificate (VRC.) The pretty girl at the information desk helped me fill in the application form and I gave her the following requested copies:

    1 Passport photo page

    2 Visa page

    3 Last entry stamp in to Thailand page.

    I had copies of the green book but she didn't ask for them.

    Presented my documents and Green Book to another lady, paid 25 baht and she told me to return in one week, giving the "Big Boss" time to sign the VRC. I asked where the big boss's office was and she told me but I could not understand the name... Oh, and she kept my Green Book.

    I know every thing is subject to change, just reporting my experience today for what it is worth.

    Now that I'll have the form, what are the odds that I won't be asked for it :)

    TIT :)
  2. I don't think i've ever heard of this "VRC". I got into Laos and Cambodia with only the green book(which is in my name). I also have a Thai drivers license, license plate and up to date insurance of course. Don't wanna give them any reason to not let me in, although they've never asked for my license or looked at my bike much.

    Glad to know other people on this site ride a cbr250. I've never rode anything bigger so i have nothing to compare it with, but to me the cbr is a fantastic touring bike. Comfortable, easy to handle, and incredible gas mileage. Have you had any problems with your bike? My engine has shut off on me a couple times for no apparent reason, which i read was a problem with these bikes, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal.
  3. It pops up on border crossing threads from time to time. Basically another document verifying ownership of the bike. I know, the Green Book already does this but TIT, 555.

    No problems with my CBR. Went to the Philippines to avoid Songkran and returned to Chiang Mai after 36 days. The CBR started up immediately, no stalling or rough idling.
  4. This certificate is really not needed for getting in to Laos or Cambodia, but is sometimes required for entry into Malaysia where customs want to see an official translation of the characters in your Thai number plate into roman characters. If you look at the certificate issued by Thai Land Transport Department you'll see that they "translate" the roman characters in your Thai number plate into roman characters. You'll need that translation so that you can make up the license plate stickers that are required in Malaysia.
  5. Thanks for that explanation Tony. I was going to cross over to Laos for my first trip and wanted to have every document conceivable 555. I ended up taking a pass and stayed in Thailand.
  6. Hey Billy it's Chad I lived at Edys. I got a CBR 250 about a week ago. Im planning to go to cambodia then laos in a few days are you in Laos already?
  7. Hi Chad! No, I'm in Chiang Mai.

    I thought you were a dedicated two stroke rider :smile1:
  8. I decided it's not a smart idea to travel long distance on that bike. I tried to add you as a friend but no option on your profile. I will go to Cambodia then up to Laos then check out Chiang Mai then down to Phuket. Ill start my journey this weekend or Monday. I don't have the vehicle registration certificate but I will take my chances. If I end up needing it for Laos I'll get it in the Province up there. I have nothing else to do for 3 months so time is no problem.
  9. Hi Buddy. I added you as a friend.

    Many posters have crossed over to Laos and Cambodia with out a VRC, so go for it.

    Safe riding

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