Video: Retro Honda CB1100

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Pikey, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Funny how everyone's tastes vary! This Bonneville of mine is the first twin I've owned since 1975. In between have been Yamaha,Honda & Triumph inline fours, a Triumph three cylinder & a Honda v4. Actually prefer a four cylinder but Bonnie will have to suffice!
  2. Thanks Pikey, nice video. I actually quite like this not too fussy over the amount of Cyl my bikes have...but admitedly the 3cyl (triple) was one of my favorites.
    I wonder when APHonda is giving us bigger bikes than the Cbr150 (which seem to be stopping production) and phantom200( supposedly also stopping soon)...the vtr250 is lovely but something with bigger cc's would be great. The Cb1100 would be nice to have it available here..but i can think of many others too

  3. I have worked on lots of big in line 4 cylinder bikes , love the engineering but as riding experiences they leave me cold.No visceral feeling just bland smooth power

    Twins and triples for me the only exception are Honda VFR750s not the orrible later ones.
  4. The Transalp would be nice, and the XR 650 or another single which can be turned into a motard version as well. Made in Thailand and sold for 199,000 Baht it would give the Kawa 650 twin a run for the money. (I had different ones over the years, including a kick start only I used in the Mojave desert). The usual best selling sports bikes are less useful over here :( I like singles and twins, but would not want to do 700 km on a SR 500 ever again (never tried Viagra, but I doubt it would have an affect after such a ride. Enough said). Chris

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