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    Big thanks to David for creating the Video forum section.
    This particular thread will be directly related to riding routes mentioned in this topic:

    North Thailand Top Ten Roads

    My first contribution:

    Rama V Shrine to Kra Isthmus, Ranong section - the narrowest part of the Malay Peninsula, between the estuary of the Kra River and the bay of Sawi has a width of 44km.

    Sweeping curves section between Phatthalung and Trang through Khao Pubpa.
    This area is also known as Andaman Gateway.

    Old southern access road to Phuket. Ride with BMW Motorrad Club Malaysia pals, this route littered with twisties and sharp corners. GoPro camera mounted at the back of my BMW K1600GTL. The scratching sound comes from bike's foot pegs :eek:

    Same as above just opposite direction. Bike cam battery died to soon :(

    Nice bit of twisties south of Khao Lak. Route meanders through Lam Ru National Park and next to famous Khao Lak beaches. This is our southern boys version of "Samoeng Loop": Phuket - Khao Lak - Khao Sok - Thap Put - Phang Nga.

  2. R401
    Ride through Khao Sok National Park, home of oldest virgin rain forest in the world. Surat Thani Province.

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    Scenic road through Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

  4. R11
    Section between Phrae and Uttaradit, beautiful long sweepers.

  5. CRACKER!!!
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  6. R4018
    One of the steepest paved roads in Thailand: Route 4018, Big Dipper at Phaya Phipak, Chiang Rai.

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  7. R4001
    Ban Rak Thai, Mae Hong Son.
    Steep ride along winding roads towards ethnic Yunnanese village of Rak Thai or Mae Aw. It is a beautiful route that passes through tidy riverside Shan communities such as Mok Champae before suddenly climbing through impressive mountain scenery. Stops can be made at Pha Sua Waterfall, about 5km up the mountain, and Pang Tong Summer Palace, a rarely used royal compound a few kilometers past the waterfall.

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  8. R3272
    One of the most scenic roads in Kanchanaburi. It takes you from Thong Pha Phum town all the way to Burma border as seen at the very end of the video. Along the way some major natural attractions such as Thong Pha Phum National Park, Ban Tarzan tree-houses, Jokkadin Waterfall, Pilok and E-tong villages, abandoned tin and wolfram mines, numerous viewpoints/army observation posts overlooking neighboring Burma.

    For more information regarding POI's mentioned above, please check this topic:

    8 Days Ride In Kanchanaburi

    Slight detour along the same route, just before arriving to Pilok.
    Nern Chang Suek Viewpoint

    Without doubt one of the most beautiful mountain top / army observation points in entire country. Set at 1,100 meters above sea level, it offers view of Thong Pha Phum district in Thailand and vast Burma territory stretching all the way to Andaman Sea which can be seen on clear sunny day. It is easily accessible by all types of bikes via steep concrete paved road and few short off-road patches.

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  9. R 1130
    Doi Mae Salong
    Only 50km in length but so much to see along the way. Twisty mountain roads, hill-tribe villages, beautiful scenery.

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  10. R1269 & R1096
    Samoeng Loop - Chiang Mai riders favorite day trip

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  11. R2331
    Khao Kho, Phetchabun
    One of the most scenic roads in Northern Thailand, favorite among motorcycle riders. Located at Phetchabun Province, the route goes through Phu Hin Rong Khla National Park. The video covers stage between Nakhon Thai Hwy division and Phu Taberk Viewpoint

    R2331 through Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park
    This part covers part along Loei and Phitsanulok border.

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  12. R1249
    Doi Ang Khang, Chiang Mai.
    Steep road with corners galore, tight switchbacks, viewpoints and beautiful scenery along the way.

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    R1256 (Part 1)
    Doi Phu Kha, Nan

    The only place I ever fell of the bike on hairpin, happened couple of years ago. One of the most exciting riding routes in Northern Thailand.
    Video segment covers ride between village of Wora Nakhon and Phu Kha Viewpoint. Beautiful mountain scenery, sparsely frequented road without large trucks and commercial traffic, gradually and sometimes dramatically elevates from few hundred to 1,715 meters above M.S.L.

    *NOTE: At 04:24 almost collided with pick up truck driven by idiot.

    R1256 (Part 2)
    Segment covering ride from Doi Phu Kha Viewpoint to salt mining village of Bo Klua, Nan Province. It is all the way downhill from here, experiencing dramatic drop in elevation: altitude change of over 1,000 meters within 12 kilometers.

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    R1081 (Intro Version)
    Road Runner Hwy, Nan.
    If there is a single mountain ridge road in Thailand that resembles racing track, it is R1081 in Nan province. As an ex-sport/racing bike rider I can say with high degree of certainty, accomplished sport bike enthusiasts would love to tear up and down this baby. The most exciting part stretches between villages of Bo Klua and Ban Nam Yao as seen in this video clip. This what looks to me as Road Runner, cartoon like road which I promptly christened this way, is an absolute delight for any rider; excellent road surface, suitable for all kinds of bikes, hardly any traffic at all, stunning scenery, mountain vistas, high elevation ridge-line road littered with steep switchbacks, long sweeping curves passing through sleepy highland hamlets and farmland. It has all the ingredients every motorcyclist craves for to test their skills or simply enjoy the leisurely ride. I have created 2 videos to fully illustrate beauty and appeal of this road: "Road Runner" – featuring bit higher speed adrenaline pumping clip and Introduction part which is slower, sightseeing version. Obviously, this is the slow version...the "fast one" coming up soon.

    R1081 (Part 2)
    Road Runner Hwy™, Nan

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  15. R1169
    Beautiful stretch between Route 1081 and city of Nan

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    R1095 (Part 1)

    Part of MHS Loop between Mae Hong Son and Pang Mapha

    Part of MHS Loop between Pang Mapha and Pai

    Pai to Chiang Mai, definitely my favorite stage of MHS loop.

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  17. R1093
    Scenic mountain road connecting Doi Pha Thang, Phu Chi Fa, Phu Sang and Chiang Kham. This is one of Thailand's most dramatic routes, hugging steep mountainsides along the Thailand–Laos border and passing waterfalls, beautiful vistas, National and Forestry parks.

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  18. Good stuff. Certainly a nice introduction for those considering riding in Thailand
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  19. R1335
    Lampang - Big thanks to Ian Yonok for recommending the route in Top Northern Roads topic.

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  20. R410
    From Ban Rae to Betong, Yala Province. One of the most exciting riding routes in Southern Thailand.

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  21. R1090
    1219 Corners of "Umphang Death Highway" section stretching along 114km between towns of Phop Phra and Umphang. This is the Thai version of North Carolina's "Tail of the Dragon". It is not just about tight bends and switchbacks meandering through remote mountainous landscape of Tak Province but incredible scenery, viewpoints, forestry parks, wildlife sanctuaries, exotic ethnic Karen villages and impressive Tararak, Pa Wai and Pha Charoen waterfalls as depicted in this video.

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  22. You are spot on. Terrific thread.
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  23. R1252
    Legendary road in Lampang, the riders favorite since the days of being just a dirt track. Today fully paved with only few off-road sections currently upgraded to asphalt surface.

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  24. Fantastic post and information. Thank you guys. I do wish you'd show the routes on a map though to make finding them easier
  25. Here it is Steve:

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