Vientiane - Pakxe Expressway Proposed

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    Laos Plans to Build Expressway Linking to Pakse

    KPL) Government has an ambitious plan to build an expressway stretching 585 km from Vientiane Capital to Champassak Province.

    Deputy Chief Cabinet of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Mr Fongsamouth Khamvanvongsa said that the government has opened up a chance for private and foreign companies to invest in construction of the expressway in the pattern of a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) concession.

    Currently, many local and foreign companies and investors have applied for the concessional construction of the new expressway which will be 23 metres wide and comprise four 3.5 metre wide lanes, Mr Fongsamouth said on February 1 in Vientiane.

    The road will be built based on ASEAN expressway standards, grade 1 and be able to accommodate loads up to 11 tonnes per axle.

    The construction of the new expressway will be along National Road No 13 South and is being considered due to the growth of transportation moving between the central and southern parts of the country and also to boost economic growth in Laos as well as other ASEAN member countries.

    Interested firms and investors can submit an official letter and a draft concession for investment to the Ministry of Planning and Investment through February 14, 2017.

    The selected firm will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Lao authorities and will be required to conduct a survey of the expressway, as well as a feasibility study and a detailed design.
    Source: KPL Lao News Agency 2nd February 2017
  2. Update 2 June 2017

    Vientiane (VNA) – Laos

    has embarked on the construction of a key highway connecting Vientiane with Pakse township, Champassak province.

    The Vientiane – Pakxan section of the highway is also a part of the highway from Vientiane to Vietnam’s capital Hanoi.

    The Vientiane Times on June 2 quoted an official from the Lao Ministry of Public Works and Transport as saying that six companies, including four foreign and two domestic ones, have been shortlisted to bid for the development of the planned highway linking Vientiane with Pakse, an economic hub in southern Laos.

    They are given 45 days beginning from June 30 to prepare their bids for the project, including conceptual design and technical standards to submit to Lao authorities in charge of the project. They also need to submit financial situation certificate, said the official.

    As planned, the highway will be 585km long, 23m wide with four lanes, each 3.5m wide, meeting ASEAN highway standard, Class 1.

    Laos is pursuing ambitious plans to develop its road infrastructure to connect with regional countries with the aim of turning the land-locked country into a hub of connection.

    In late May, the Lao government approved the 113.7km Vientiane-Vangvieng highway, which is part of the Vientiane-Boten expressway linking the Lao capital with northern Luang Namtha province that shares a borderline with China.

    A number of railway projects have been in the work to connect Laos with its neighbours, including the one between Vientiane and Chinese border.-VNA

    Source: VietNam Breaking News

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