VietHorse Night out with the GT Rider Bangkok Chapter.

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  1. Hi All,

    Great night out with VietHorse and Mrs VietHorse at Mulligans Soi 11

    Thanks for the T-Shirts...




  2. Thank you very much guys for arranging and being with us there.

    Let's see who showed up:

    After a while:

    After some beers, some guys turned red!


    Rob - he may got some symptom of some Thai guys?


    Great to be one of you, GT-rider!
  3. Great Stuff and Hope to catch up one Day VietHorse. Looks like a Great Night was had by all!!!
  4. Hahahaha! Some funny pictures and a lot of laughs last night :lol-sign:

    A real pleasure to meet you and your wife VietHorse- thanks again for the t-shirt- very kind of you :clap:

    Keep your fingers crossed for some dry weather and see you on Saturday!

    Tony :happy5:
  5. Wow looks good alright.
    No doubt you guys all had a fun time.
    Mr & Mrs VietHorse welcome to Thailand & GT Rider again.
    Best of luck with your trip.
  6. For sure it would be much more fun if that was weekend or the night out happen in Chiang Mai.
    I have booked the bike and just waiting for the time to come...
    Anyonelse likes to join with me and Tony this Saturday?

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