Wat Hua Kuan Happy snaps

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  1. Apologies, but as luck would have it en route to Chiang Khong & Laos a few weeks ago I ended up at Wat Hua Kuan beside the Mekong at sunset (again).








    For any keen phoptographers, time your ride into Chiang Khong & catch the golden light at Wat Hua Kuan. This temple is sensational for colourful photos in the late afternoon light.

    Ally & Rhodie & Dan White, check it out. You won't be disappointed.
  2. And one actually can ride bike just front of the "monks" :shock:
  3. Ha ! My thoughts exactly Marco.

    Celebs get away with all sorts !! :roll:

    Thanks David, will do.

  4. Missed this one

    There never seems to be anyone around, so no trouble to creep in & wheel the bike around.
    What I forgot to get a snap of was the pig yard, that adjoins the temple property, right by the steps at the front on the main road - next time. But look out for it when you go there. Quite unbelievable I thought, but then again...
  5. Ally..look i was 3minutes ahead of you....

    when im town next time,, i'm gonna try to take my "tank" there
  6. August 2015 & Buddha is in a bit of trouble


    plus a few goodies 




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  7. And if you dont know where it is - its on R1129 the Chiang Saen - Chiang Khong road, about 15 kms downstream from Chiang Saen.

    Here's how it looks on the GTR Golden Triangle guide map.



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