Western Thailand Rides (excluding Kanchanaburi)

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    Just about every 6 weeks or so I blast from Phuket towards Prachuap.


    Checking out Singkhorn Pass, just in case if they are opened for crossing. Not much luck even though announcement was made multiple times.


    Prachuap Khiri Khan the city is one of my favorites. Sleepy little town and totally different crowd from nearby Hua Hin.

    Usually I stay at Sun Beach Guesthouse, 8 rooms facility right at the beach front. It is advisable to call in advance and book the room because place is full all year round. Rates from THB 900 to THB 1,100 per night, free wi-fi, swimming pool...breakfast not included.

    Phone number: 032-604770
    Web: :: Welcome to Sun Beach Guesthouse ...
    Coordinates: 11.79745, 99.80181 (decimal)

    View from the room


    Guesthouse is my base for hopping around PKK and Phetchaburi.


    Nearby Ao Manao and air force wing 58 base.


    Early morning in Prachuap Town





    Wat Thammikaram Worawihan (monkey) temple on the hill



    Meeting with my Malaysian pals


    And on another occasion with Vietnamese riders going down to Moto GP in Sepang, Malaysia.

  2. At Sam Roi Yod National Park, 60km away from Prachuap City


    Riding through freshly paved rural roads. Famous Nakhon Phraya Cave nearby.





    Green Beach Resort at Sam Roi Yod beach, my overnight stop
    Only 8.5km's away from Nakhon Phraya Cave. Beautiful bungalows, pool, free wireless, breakfast, safe parking. Lots of cheap seafood restaurants nearby.

    12.23246, 099.99313 (DECIMAL)
    Web: http://www.thegreenbeachresort.com/





  3. 7:30 am and on my way to Laem Sala Beach.

    From this spot 10-15 minutes longtail boat ride just around the cape to Phraya Nakhon Beach. NP entrance fees THB 200, having Thai DVLC makes no difference.

    12.20605, 100.00954 (decimal)



    Beautiful beach....not a single soul. But hey it isn't even 9am yet 8)




    This kiddo is my guide to the cave. His mom, who sold me the bottle of water asked THB 100 for services. Sure no problem. Later I gave kid another 200 and bottle of coke :angel: he deserved it.


    Seems like nearby, 430 meters. Yeah right, panting all the way up while kid runs uphill like crazy bunny. Btw nobody around, I was the first park visitor that morning.



    After hard climb we begin to decend into the cave itself and this is the first thing I saw....felt like being at gates of paradise


    The reason I came so early in the morning was to catch sun rays over the pavilion.


    Asked kiddo to take pic of me, not bad...


    Cave has been visited by 3 reigning Thai Monarchs and 2 of them left their initials at nearby rocks

  4. Heard a lot about Kaeng Krachan National Park in Phetchaburi and partly of Prachuap province. The biggest NP in Thailand famous for rich flora and fauna. Fifty seven species of mammals and more than 400 bird species have been counted in the park. I figured riding all the way up to Phanoenthung viewpoint and beyond if possible. To my great disappointment park rangers told me at the gate this is as far as they will allow bikes to go. They said bikes not allowed due to possibility of riders being attacked by wild animals such as tigers, elephants and even leopards??? Road is quite narrow and steep and if you really have to run away from danger, making quick u-turn is hard to do. Had to board pick up truck and share the cost with group of Thai teachers from Bkk.


    Along the way, lots of campers and army security. This NP is notorious for elephant poachers. Apparently park officials are deeply involved. Not to mention illegal farms surrounded by electric fencing. Last year elephant calf was electrocuted.




    30 km's later and we reached the viewpoint. There are two types of crowds here:

    1. Birdwatchers
    2. Sea of fog watchers

    I guess I belong to second group.






    And finally "Sea of Fog" as Thais call it. This pic was taken around 10am.


    This concludes my mini ride report. Thanks for reading, ride safe and all the best.

  5. Nice photos. Prachuap is a bit of a gem of a place alright. I should dig out some of my Prachuap pics from yesteryear, if I can find them.
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  6. I've been there 4 times now and it's one of my favourite towns in Thailand. I like it due to its authenticity - something that's getting more difficult to find here, especially along the coasts. I hope it never sells up and becomes another Hua Hin or Cha am.

    Amazing seafood too :thumbup:
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  7. Any good restaurant recommendations for Prachuap.
    There has to be more than 79 baht moo krataa
  8. I like the market too. For a reliable seafood on the seafront, with both indoor and outdoor seating areas I always go to the Ploen Samut restaurant next to the large Haadthong Hotel.

    One of the local specialties is pla samlii daet diaw, whole cotton fish sliced in half and left to dry out in the sun for half a day before being pan fried. It's served with a refreshing spicy/sour mango salad: great stuff!
  9. The place and pics makes me itching to ride there again. Hopefully sometime this month for a couple of days using the western side and returns from the eastern coastal road. Prachuap Khiri Khan has been always a nice place to relax especially at the esplanade.

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  10. Nice write up and good share...But too bad I missed all, the food, the cave and the whatever.... I was there yesterday, just passing by, suppose to stay in the town but yet I staying far away from the town. I think is Haui Yang or something.Look like have to pay more attention on every trip report.
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    Day 3 and I am in Tak province. Been here recently with my family, during Songkhran holidays. This time just passing through. Last of the straight roads to see for a while and quite rightly so looking forward to it. Nevertheless driver of this truck still managed to end up in ditch upside down. Do not wish to pile up on misery of others but how do you manage to do this?


    Anyway, just before provincial border line separating Tak from Lampang along Route 1 I see this little cute temple and stop by. Not sure what the name is, perhaps someone could translate these signboards and clue us in.






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    Overnight in city of Tak and following morning ride towards Bhumibol Dam.

    GPS: 17.24423, 98.97349


    The dam named after Thailand's King is an imposing concrete arch structure on the Ping River. This artificial lake covers an area of 300 km² and is the largest in Thailand. Located in Khao Kaew, Sam Ngao district of Tak and was built from 1958-1964.






    Group of curious Buddhist Monks from Phatthalung.


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