Where can I safely leave my bike in Chiang Mai ?

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  1. Hi
    Me and a friend will be riding our bikes to Chiang Mai on Saturday and on Sunday flying to Vietnam for 5 days. Does anyone know of a safe place where we can leave our bikes ? (Versys and 250 honda Degree) Have not booked a hotel yet in CM. Any recommendations appreciated. I would be willing to pay a fair price for the five days storage.
  2. I have left my truck at a hotel (Rydges Tapae) there in Chiang Mai before while I took off on a rented bike for several days but never left a bike there. I would imagine it would be something easy to work out though if you spent a couple nights at a hotel there coming and going. I have left bags at other hotels many times while I took off on rented bikes as well with no problems. Good luck, I hope someone else from that area chimes in, I have only been a tourist there.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion HB. I will give them a call to ask if they will allow us to leave the bikes and of course we will stay there on Saturday and also spending a night or two when we return to CM. If I remember correctly they have a parking facility under the hotel which would be perfect. Cheers Mate,


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