Where to buy a 13 front sprocket for the KLX?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by FrankT, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Any suggesions where I can find one, DirtShp now only has rear sprockets in stock.
    Pleased to hear.


  2. Yes, I would also like to know. I live in Phuket and the Kawasaki dealer says there are none for the KLX250. Is it correct, the sprocket for the NINJA250R fits also? Which shop in Thailand has 13t sprocket to buy, I will not order from abroad. Honda dealer ( XR650L)?
  3. Hi hannes2510, hello from Phuket!

    It would seem from the pdf below the ninja sprocket does fit. Are you on an S or a D-Tracker? 13T will work well on the dirt but for me on the street on a D-Tracker I lasted one week before swapping back to the 14T. Very short gearing for the street!! I did enjoy doing wheelies everywhere i went...:wink:

  4. Hi Joel, your posts have already helped me sometimes and are always interesting. This pdf looks good, but where can I buy a 13t? You probably know the problems if you search good looking parts in Thailand. Sometimes it is to despair. Kawa in Phukettown will only sell 14t. I have a d-tracker and just wants to play a little.
  5. Paypal & some patients is all you need!

    Email these guys & you'll get a delivery within 9 days www.solomotoparts.com, i've bought loads of stuff from them. Or find one on ebay. Up to you...

    $20 for the sprocket & $18 for shipping, total about 1000thb & get USPS if possible....No tax to pay on such a small item, just avoid UPS & DHL as these crooks always charge extra nonsense fees. And yes it's over twice the price of a 400thb sprocket from Kawasaki but will be better quality than Kawasaki's own sprocket.....Driven, JT or Moose are pretty cheap & more durable.

    Good luck
  6. Not sure about availability of aftermarket front sprockets in Thailand but MotoPlay is making rear sprockets as large as 45. (I think the stock rear on the KLX is just 39?)


    Contact Khun Pui at AP Performance to order. 086-380-8191 or 086-899-6999 Tell him Tony sent ya :)
  7. Remember if your just playing then the 13T is your best option as you keep your standard chain/length & can switch between the 13T & 14T sprocket.

    For more permanent use a bigger rear sprocket is better but a new longer chain will be needed. The smaller the front sprocket the more wear & stress is put on it & not the best for longevity! Have fun :p
  8. I know where you can get the 13t sprocket within Thailand. Normally delivered by EMS within a day or 2 if in stock. PM me if you want the info.

  9. Is it a secret? I'd also like to know where I can get different size sprockets in Thailand. Why not let everyone know. Cheers :)
  10. Cheers Mate!

    Thanks for the link- yeah, the Thai forums are a great place to source locally made kit. (but for illiterates like me they can be difficult to search ;) )

    Unlike SOME forums, GT-Rider doesn't have any problems with us linking to other forums.

    Thanks again for the link :)
  11. No worries :)

    Now I just wish the rain would hold off for a few days so I can get out on the KLX again! Itching to get dirty again but it was bad enough last time I headed out to Bo Din. I'd imagine its pretty much a swamp at the moment. From looking at the Siam Enduro Club website it said the Red Bull Park was also under water. I was using google translate though and it doesn't exactly give a brilliant translation!
  12. Thanks to all for the information. I was also successful in the search for a sprocket. I found a shop called the Link Associates. You can order a sprocket (JT Sprocket) for each motorcycle. Simply to find the part number on the side of JT and then order at Link Associates. Mine is sold out and I have to wait until the end of month. The sprocket is 350 Bath.
    http://www.jtsprockets.com/catalogue http://linkassothai.com/products.php - new phonenummber: 02 7286702

    The side of d-tracker thailand I already knew, but I was not sure whether the sprocket is not a self-made and cost 700 Bath.
  13. Try PornCharoen in BKK

    Porn Charoen
    95/386 Rama 3 Road, Soi 52
    (Siang Kong Rama 3 Soi 3)
    Chong Nonsi
    Bangkok 10120

    Phone: 02-294-1928
    Fax: 02-294-1928
    Mobile: 08-1612-3366
    Contact: Vandee McCarthy
  14. still looking?
    a mechanic in kawasaki chiang mai told me today he has some made up for 750bt each

    Otherwise I would get my next one from link if I could decipher their webpage
  15. ^ The link I provided was from a mechanic in Chiang Mai, maybe the same guy! - It was delivered to my door the very next day after my partner called him by EMS. Very happy with the service. My partner called so I don't know if any English is spoken.

    13t has defiantly made a decent improvement too, the 27mm sprocket nut is a bugger to get off though!

    His number is 085 033 3364
  16. How is your 350 baht sprocket working?
  17. I also purchased this sprocket. A little tight going on but no big deal. About half the price of a import.
  18. do you know where this guys place is. Probably easier for me to ride over there, buy it and get it fitted at the same time. Cheers
  19. I don't sorry - I am in BKK and it was posted to me. Maybe give him a call, the wife said he sounded friendly!

    Any of the bike shops at the side of the road should be able to fit it for you though.

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