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  1. Hi there,

    In the Yamaha Forum this is probably the oldest bike now :roll: but it is legal with a clean green book. So i am willing to invest a bit more to get it up-to-date or at least in the best possible condition. I just ordered a new clutch for it as the one inside is nearing "expiration". I am also seeking for a possible powdercoat on the engine. Who do you suggest ( richco in cm ?- spelling?) and at what rate can i expect it been done for in what timeframe? I am also seeking for more info on spares available for my old "chick" :D

    Thanks for your feedbacks...


    here somepics :
  2. Reinhard, powedercoat on the engine ??? :? Just from physics: black absorbs, silver reflects heat (something about waves, too long ago I can't exactly remember.... :cry: ). Just consider your aircooled shaker twin and then adding some more heatabsorbing coat, wouldn't do that...... :lol: . A beauty she is !! Are you coming up to CNX any time soon ?? Cheers, FRanz
  3. Franz, i am not sure what to do with that paint on the engine..it is black paint already and it happens that i spilled some fuel on it and that black went off...so i am sure open to suggestions...the bike is lovely and the engine sounds right too.....i believe that it will need for new(or well kept) shocks too..not hat the bike handles bad at all and having done a 150 kph ( gps verified) on it yesterday ,but ran out of road to continue ( i assume a 165-170 is max) ,i can say that it handled it alright and a 750cc is an displacement size i have always liked on bikes....

    I wouldn't mind to have my old "chick" dancing a "strip tease" to show me whats under and fix things needed...so i have a trouble-free bike for a couple of years onwards. I am not so much of a mechanic ( although i do have some basic understanding of things)so i would need to find somebody who know how to rejuvenate this "chick" ...for now i am gathering info and things that i need...
    I already ordered the new clutch and that will take a bit to get, there are other things i am trying to source from older bikes such as plastic covers and covers from the speedo , tach.

    If you have any info suggestions and maybe an idea of more source for parts please let me know,.

    Thank you ,

    happy trails,

  4. Reinhard, if this is paint on your cylinders, get them to a Thai shop to remove it, I have painstakingly removed all crap paint from the SRX6 engine and polished the outer Aluminium covers; used a paint remover, careful that one on your skin burns like hell.......
    As for parts, if you have the chance to go to Pattaya there's a chinese-thai shop just opposite Lotus-South Pattaya, called: "Banglamungyon".
    Tel: 038-756477, 08-1255-6358
    On the back of the shop they have a huge warehouse with 100's of old bikes for taking out parts, here you might get lucky quickly, sorry the dad and son speak no good unggrit.....
    I think that any decent big bike shop will supply you with what you want. Problem is just which one can get you what parts.....it's like a puzzle.
    Pistonshop in Chiang Mai is good for some parts and very good for repairs.
    I've had to order a lot via Ebay as some parts were not on the market or completely trashed to be even considered.
    So good luck but don't expect this to be a quickie, will take time....
    Cheers, Franz
  5. Franz, Thanks for the info.I was expecting to have it a puzzle..and i still need to check on all places in nakhonsawan( which have some shops that ain't top bad)...i found a whole frontsection for the virago already but need to check out if those shocks are worth something.

    About the paint removal i'll look into that.

    Have to add when i mounted the saddlebag i also got to see the wiring...scaring looks but all seem to work fine...still i need to consider it done new.
    I am currently downloading the Clymer Service and Repair manual for Yamaha Virago XV 535 - 1100cc (54mb) so i get a better picture how things are supposed to be on the wiring side( and other stuff too)
    i will later post it on tiger sachs forum's download section so anyone who needs it can download it free.

    happy trails,


    ( where did you find this signature??? don't tell me on tiger-sachs :D )
  6. This signature I got from some German website, I like it very much as it brings biking to the point. Cheers, Franz
  7. Cannot an oil cooler be fitted , we used to modify XS 650 to take them , the XV engine is a mighty tough bike.
  8. Hi Franz...very much agree...i asked because i use the same in tigersachs since a few month...
    happy trails,

  9. Hi jerry,

    Thats an interesting question....can it be fitted? I don't know, and am just sourcing for info here...Who is able to do such modification?
    i once had an xs too...but it was the xs 750 ( triple) i love the triple sound and feel...but i am glad to have th v-twin now...i think a trip to meet the gt-riders in CM is a "must do"....once i have time and tony-bkk is up for a trip north i think we should have a meeting with bikes and some beverages( after the riding)

    happy trails,

  10. Ok, so i started with the puzzle....what i got today was a new speedo revcounter & console, better rear view mirors and rear indicators ( the others were a bit scratched) . Tomorrow i must find a way to make the left sidecover hold...it keeps opening up...and removing that black paint from the engine will also be happening soon.
    I am seeking for front shocks and know where i might get them from, but not sure if they are any good...how do i test shocks that are not mounted on a bike???

    I am also a bit unsure what to do over the following...windshield or not? In general i like windshields but it can become hot too ...i have done 140kph for a while today and must say the wind does give a good push......so maybe just maybe i do th same as on my vmax...put a smaller windshield...
    my right grip keeps getting off while driving not immeditately but after a while...still it's annoying.

    I was told to get my new clutch next week...if i have all the other puzzle pieces together by then ( wishful thinking) i am a very happy Biker:)

    happy trails,

  11. Some comments on the a.m. Reinhard. If you remove the paint but don't disassemble the engine, I wouldn't use paint remover too much, too dangerous, will also destroy gaskets and rubbers. As I said, you get something on your skin, that burns, so consider that to be a warning. Another way would be thin and various sized brass brushes you can mount on drilling machines, if it's just painted it comes off easily with brass brushing.
    Concerning any PVC cover that lost it's fastening bolts, you can have them rewelded at any better paintshop, they should have the gear for plastic welding, had to do so with many of the SRX and Bros parts.
    Which model you want to use the shocks from ?? Diameter top, diameter bottom yolk, lenght in overall, bore on bottom for axle, lenght of movement should be similar. But why buy used shocks ? Take them apart and get them new seals both inner and outer, springs should still be ok, if already too soft, you could cut a stainless steel pipe of around 5-10 cms and insert them after the springs, they would then be much more preloaded.
    Aftermarket small windshield you can get at any big bike shop, big ones are just a petrolwaster if you want to ride 130km/h and above as they are too steeply angled.
    Concerning grips, don't spoil around with tape like Somchai, just look if your handlebars have some thread inside or fastening mechanisms and put handlebar-weights onto them; just custom-made one pair out of stainless steel in a small workshop for the SRX400 for B 800,-. these keep the grips from moving and give you heavier handlebars which makes steering a bit easier and more controlled. Anyway you might need to cut off them grips to open their ends, just check that any handlebarweights have enough lenght (diameter of handlebar on the outside) so not to shorten your grips to baby hand sizes....
    Cheers & happy working !!! Franz
  12. Franz,
    Thanks for the great info.
    Do you know this People that are able to do that for the engine,shocks and handlebars in CM? Nakhonsawan is a bit of a flashback into stoneage if you want things done correctly....if so, i will arrange some time next month and try to get up to visit you ( tony-bkk may also come with, if time permits ) and we can meet up and socialize over some beers while the bike is getting done.

    happy trails,
  13. I recommend PISTONSHOP Khun Nut, speaks well English and his shop is near to the Royal Peninsula Hotel on Assadatorn Road, must call him before as some Saturdays he is not open but he will be the one to talk to: 08-1952-4433, tell him I recommended (not for commission but for 'Farang-like' service) anyway David Unk and other GT-Riders use him too. Once you got a trip up north together just give me a call in advance. Warning, Mon-Fri daytime is still a No-No for me as working. Cheers, Franz
  14. Hi Franz thx for the info and the phonecall. I did Contact Khun Nut already and sent him pics of the bike in its current condition. He already told me that he will require assistance to find parts which i certainly give but if i can't find some things i may just post it here to see if anyone else may have better sources . Still need to figure out a date but sooner is better i guess...

    happy trails,

  15. Piston Shop is indeed recomended by GT Riders & cracks a mention here

    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... -t633.html


  16. As mentioned before i bought myself an "all legal" Yamaha Virago XV 750 . It is an older bike but i like the v-twin and as cruiser/copper style bike it is quite nice and very comfortable with adequate power . It si currently stripped down and here is just the start of it.

    here the frame after stripping it:


    and this is the frame today:


    pretty much i can show for now but more to come as time moves on...

    happy trails,
  17. A few days gone and the engine has been checked and cleaned and all the black paint removed ,and i have seen that last time ...but he painted it with aluminium-alike paint again ( at least he used one of those resistant to high temperature...), not really my plan but it actually looks quite nice. He found some new switches and some other things...a different exhaust will also be added and the motocross handlebar will be exchanged to some "regular" handlebar ( but not the chopper style really...more a straight bar)

    Here some pics of today.

    There are some parts en-route to be mounted too ...and Mr.Oor ( thats the mechanics name) said he shall have it all ready by next wednesday. This would be a real surprise to have it so soon but i believe it when i see it.
    Happy trails,

  18. I powder coated the crankcases and cylinder block but the XJR has an oil cooler and I left the cylinder head and sump, not too bothered about the loss of heat transfer, shouldn't make a marked difference. Does involve completely stripping the cases though. Vapour blasting is what a lot of the professional restorers use in the UK leaving the finish uncoated. But I don't know any one that does it here. Hammerite Smooth and PJ1 are also popular finishes.
  19. Reinhard, looks nice :happy2: though one comment, after seeing the shiny engine covers :thumbup: , couldn't the 'mechanic' :sad1:: also have cleaned up the carbs a little ??? :thumbdown: . Cheers, Franz
  20. You're right Franz...and i think i will talk to him about that Carb too.The funny thing really is...the more things are checked on the bike the more things we find that need to be fixed...the initial plan of the mechanic was to be ready by songkran and i do know he did work hard on this because i visit almost daily now. But we also agreed that this is not possible ...nor do i want to rush him really. Somethings that where planned to be done simply where calling for alternatives or "leave as is until we find the good looking one(replacement part)" . This is just an example:Yesterday the shaftdrive was checked...no oil inside but all in order and he got a new seal arranged now so the oil stays where it should. The mechanical things and the wiring will be the most important and i am really glad we stripped her down and get it sorted.

    Happy trails,

  21. Reinhard, one basic 'law' for restoring bikes: "looks worn or condition is doubtful, always replace", so when doing the shaftdrive and replacing the seals, bearings are not expensive and hard to come by in LOS, their exchange would be a must...... :lol: .......otherwise I see someone being sorry soon....... :wink: , cheers, Franz
  22. Yes, actually the bearings were exchanged too .
    not sure what to do about the carb looks actually...sure the engine shines and the carb doesn't ,but as mentioned before the engine got a layer of heatresistant paint. Should i consider having the same paint to be used for the carb?

  23. Man

    That brings memories,, my first bike in LOS was 750 Virago and i love that bike and how she rides and sounds, but way too small for me.

    i have seen many of them restored and im sure when you are dont with it, it's a stunner :take-that:

    take your time and do it nicely.

  24. NO, no paint on the carbs !!!!
    Tell the mechanic to clean both carbs really carefully on both the outside AND the inside with petrol, compressed air and cottonbuds !!
    Tasks: check if the floats press on the needle in the right position and close off the petrol flow into the carb bowls. Check the closing needles for wear. Check all jets and clean them with compressed air only. Very important to have the pilot jets cleaned, both for petrol and airflow. Check that the idle mixture srews are clean and set to the right 'turns out'. Should do this according to repair manual settings. Further on if the carbs are flatbed, need to check for wear on the slides, cracks on the diaphragms and that all seals and O-rings are ok. Needles should be set at the right recommended position. Choke valve should be clean and show no wear. Intake scoops from Carbs to cylinder head should be absolutely tight and not allow additional air to be sucked into the engine. Synchronisation is an absolute must. If you don't have any settings, just type the carb make and type into Google and some sites with forums will come up where you are provided with information on how to do. I did that with my Mikuni BST40 on the DR650 recently although mine is now fitted with Supertrapp exhaust, K&N filter and DYNOJET stage 2 kit. Be aware that your jets are not meesed up and original size, need to look at them through magnifying glass. Cheers & happy working, Franz

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