Garmin Zumo 660 Atl Motorcycle Gps/satnav - In Near Perfect Condition. ฿8700

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    New price ฿8700 baht.

    Garmin Zumo 660 Model 660 ATL - In near perfect condition. Serial number 1KK118403. Unit Id: 3831832497
    Original List Price $649.99 USD. PUrchase price baht from Edison Electronics Pte Ltd in Singapore was over $550.00 USD.

    Zumo has been in the box for a few years. Great, reliable unit.

    Garmin zūmo 660 GPS unit,
    Motorcycle mount with integrated power cable and mounting hardware,
    Carrying case,
    Battery (holds charge) - Garmin 351-00038-01, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, 3.7V, 1800mAh, 6.7Wh,
    Automotive suction cup mount,
    Automotive power cable,
    USB cable,
    Dashboard disk,
    Quick start manual.
    zūmo® 660 | Garmin

    Installed Maps:
    City Navigator Asia NT v7.0 ALL
    MalsingMaps Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei NT
    City Navigator Europe NT
    City Navigator Europe NT

    Link to photos:

    zūmo® 660 | Garmin

    Garmin zumo 660 Review - webBikeWorld

    After delivery I can transfer ownership of the unit on myGarmin™.

    Garmin Express is a free tool to manage your device: Garmin Express.
    Update your maps,
    Upload activities to Garmin Connect,
    Register your products,
    Update golf course maps.

    Item location in near Central Festival Shopping. I can meet there or Mee Chok area if needed. I can also postal mail the unit via EMS Thailand.

    Good luck,
    0916348143 (SMS preferred for initial contact)
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    Very reliable device.. Been using my Zumo 660 for 5 years.
    Off-road, road and in the pickup.. Dropped and crashed multiple times

    Good luck with the sale.. May be I missed it.. But I didn't see the selling price.

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    New price 10800 baht
  5. JB2112

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    New price: 10300 baht.
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    Still for Sale ? My wife will send SMS tomorrow.
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    Canthai, Yes it is. Awaiting SMS. Thanks! JB
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