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Discussion in 'Accommodation - North Thailand' started by DavidFL, Jul 26, 2010.

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    Same place but inside


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    “Rimtaan Guesthouse” is still a favorite dwelling for GT-Riders. Some improvements are permanently made to the compound, as it was the case for ‘bungalow # 3’, recently enlarged. It is always a pleasure to chat with John, the knowledgeable owner and with his wife.


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    In addition to the favorite Rimtaan dwelling, and in case this guesthouse is fully booked, there are other accommodations in Thoed Thai.

    I have quickly visited Gredpetch Guesthouse.
    Rooms are between 350 – 500 THB. It is located near to the school, just before the road plunges down to the village.
    Tel : 053 730197 - 0789 2941424


    Another bungalow place is located slightly up hill: “Phu Saeng Ta Wan Resort”. It was recommended by locals, but I did not visit it.

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