Africa Twin Crf1000l - How Many Members Have Placed Orders?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by FaraGit, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. FaraGit

    FaraGit Ol'Timer

    So, still no news on a delivery date. I am now wondering whether to hold off for the 2107 model. Not sure of colors other than the upgrades to wheels etc that have been made. Does anyone know roughly when the 2017 model would be expected here. Is it possible my delivery, and i'm sure others has been delayed because of the 2017 model. I did ring Rama3 but they couldn't give an answer.

    ^Don't like that color btw.
  2. FaraGit

    FaraGit Ol'Timer

    Yippee, it's arrived!
    Spending Christmas in Austrai, Salzburg and Vienna but was informed my bike will arrive on the 25th. Thanks Jesus!
    Well, it's waiting for me when I get back!

    Have a great NY all!
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  3. Varadero

    Varadero Active Member

    Gratulations ! Honda can't deliver a main stand since 2 months (SW-Motech alternative is available now). I guess other spare parts won't be on stock if needed. Of course also no green book and no number. So it needs time until everything is completed.
  4. Peeto

    Peeto Active Member

    Why no green book and number?
    Here in Pattaya the people who drive a Africa twin have it.

  5. scotty007

    scotty007 Ol'Timer

    Takes a couple of months to sort out in Chiang Mai!
  6. Varadero

    Varadero Active Member

    They said that the documents for the bike haven't arrived yet, which i didn't believe. So I don't know whether that is a general problem in Chiang Mai or whether they try to challenge BMW Barcelona in the 'Worst-Service-Contest'. (actually Barcelona has improved).
  7. Varadero

    Varadero Active Member

    Ashes on my head ... Number should be ready for pick-up tomorrow !
  8. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Do you have an Africa Twin then?
  9. Peeto

    Peeto Active Member

    No, still on my versys.
    But some friends of mine.
  10. FaraGit

    FaraGit Ol'Timer

    Damn....The wife said "In exchange for the Africa Twin I must accept celibacy!"

    Collecting the bike this Sunday. Wife's eh!
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  11. FaraGit

    FaraGit Ol'Timer

    Only in Thailand!

    Arrived back from Austria on the 31st. Rang Honda on the 4th to say we'll collect the bike on Sunday the 7th as agreed. All of which was arranged after they confirmed 25th December delivery. Wife and I head out to Honda and phone to mention we are on our way. Bike has been sold!
    Guy calls back an says the bike has been recalled due to a scratched bearing. I assume the wife misheard and means fairing. I asked if they could confirm the fault so I can mentioned on our site as well as this. They then say they scratched the bike themselves and no recall. I mention I will take the bike and wait for new fairing. Bike has been sent back. Yeah right! One salesperson blames it on the other.

    Cheeky numpties obviously gambled while I was away and sold to someone to not turn a new sale away.

    I have to wait until the 18th now. Buggers!
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