Africa Twin Engine Problems

Discussion in 'Technical' started by chiangsaen.peter, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. chiangsaen.peter

    chiangsaen.peter Ol'Timer

    It's quite unusual and never happend to me. I have owned dozens of A'Twins in Europe and New Zealand. Anyway, I got this RD07, 1994 build ATwin. bought it two yrs. ago from Robert and now I am stuck in Pai with engine problems.
    need help and advise: while driving on a rough road in the ch. rai district near the maenam kok river and the mydream guesthosue I experienced suddenly extreme vibrations in the engine - but only in the RMP range of 3500-4000. I got high oil consumption, 0.5 l on 1000 kms. high fuel 7 l. on 100 kms. (use 91 benzine).where do you think is the problem? Camshaft (equilibr.) damaged, bearings, pistons? Any suggestions and tech.advise appreciated. I used SaMoto for a recent service incl. carbs cleaning after storage of 6 months.
    I will try to drive back to CNX on low revs only and get a mechanic to analyze the problem. Which Mechanic you reckon? Its is worth to open up the engine?
    THANKS FOR ALL THE HELPING IDEAS in advance. :cry:
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  3. gobs

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    Hi Peter,

    I'm not used to the AT, but, as a V-twin, are your carbs well balanced? Did it happen before or just after you made a carb cleaning? MAYBE because this cleaning, they could become "un-balanced"?..

    Is there some "noise": bling-bling or clong-clong or kla-kla or rrrrr-rrrrr?..
    If no "strange noise", nothing severe a-priori...

    Did you notice a "lost" of power?..

    At first time, don't worry for the BIG problem: AT engine is nearly bullet-proof... Maybe it's only a little "bug"... Maybe have a good check of all that can be adjusted: carbs, timing, sparks...

    Good luck,
  4. hs0zfe

    hs0zfe Ol'Timer

    One thing - DO NOT ride the bike in this condition. Get a pickup truck to take you both... Ask me why I'm saying this?

    Good luck!

  5. chiangsaen.peter

    chiangsaen.peter Ol'Timer

    the problem is the solution!
    Watit from the Piston Shop did the job!
    A loose connecting cable (air?) to the carbs.
    It has been fixed now.
    thanks for your help.
  6. DavidFL

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    Good stuff getting it sorted out.
    I never heard from you again after I SMS-ed & phoned you from Pai where I missed you by a couple of hours & was wondering what you had done after my suggestions.

    So I'm glad one was right - Nat at the Piston shop looked after you & my front sprocket theory was wrong. The front sprocket wearing the spline on the drive shaft necessitates a complete engine strip down & costs significant money.
  7. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Good Bert...
    All easily fixed...

    You know, through my humble life of (classic) bikes and cars owner/driver/doctor, I noticed "little things" may many times cause "big problems".
    1) when something happens, at first never expect a big trouble but think about "by what I have to begin to check easily",
    2) a well (daily/weekly/monthly) cared bike drastical"y reduces the "risks". At least by following the "maintenance chart" from the manufacturer...

    Enjoy your AT Bert!

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